Mean Well

In order to domestic as well as outdoor to provide optimal lighting conditions, you need next to LED strips and luminaires , the corresponding power supplies. Only then you can implement your lighting concept tailored to your individual needs. As absolute professionals in the field of LED technology, we keep waiting for you high-quality power supplies of the well-known brand Meanwell . These switching power supplies you go in literally a light on.

Meanwell: LED Power Solution for your individual lighting concept

Order in our shop everything related to your light installations. Starting with the LED Strips and modules indoor and outdoor lighting up to the matching accessories such as the power supply devices from the home Meanwell to expect from us a comprehensive portfolio for the realization of your lighting dreams.

In our wide range of switching power supplies to convert unstable input voltage into stable output voltage can be found include the following models:

  • Meanwell 24V with 60W and 100W
  • Meanwell 12V
  • Mean Well power supply
  • Mean Well DIN rail
  • Meanwell 5V.

waterproof Mean Well switching power supply strong for LEDs

The waterproof < > Mean Well switching power supply Wed. t 24 volts has a high efficiency, provides a constant voltage and is due to the degree of protection IP67 and outdoors applicable. Take advantage of this power supply with 2.5 amperes and 60 watts optimal for LED lighting in outdoor areas or for illuminating technical devices that have a display lighting, such as copiers or hi-fi systems. In addition, this switching power supply has a universal input and protects LED lights and other technical equipment reliably against overvoltage, overload and short circuit. Suitable Meanwell switching power supply 24V is therefore suitable for those looking for a high quality power supply for both the indoor and outdoor use.

Mean Well DIN rail online at low prices

< p> Meanwell has specialized in the manufacture of power supplies such as the DIN rail. This is a common standard for reliable and efficient power supply and is used in many fields such as industrial automation, logistics, automotive, wind energy, process industry or mechanical engineering. The Meanwell PSU is characterized by a high energy efficiency class, long life and a compact design.