Downlight Module

Here we offer you many powerful, energy-efficient spotlights. The long life will save you a frequent replacement of the lamp. You can also find dimbare products and therefore set the ideal luminosity. Alternatively, you can use the colors warm, neutral and Tagweiß available. Separately, you can buy to also matching mounting frame and power supply for your LED module at affordable prices in our shop. When selecting the power supply, please pay attention to the current in mA as an unequal strength can damage your lamp. For appropriate advice but we like are available.

With us you can put together the pieces for optimal lighting low itself. The downlights we carry in day, cold or warm white, are also dimmable. Fit, you can find our accessories, the mounting frame and power supplies for your LED module. Please take care in selecting the power supplies on the current in mA as an unequal Stromstäke can damage the radiator. If you need a consultation, we are at your disposal.