Track Lighting

Are you looking for an excellent lighting solution for your premises? In our LEDTECH shop, you will find a wide range of light sources of all kinds that are not only energy-saving but also attractive. LED Tacking Lights in particular have a number of advantages and offer you long-lasting brand quality at fair prices., Convince yourself of this of this fact and take a look around our LED online shop!

Long-lasting LED Tacking Lightsspotlights in optimum brand quality

Do you own a sales or showroom and are you looking for the right illumination to present your products respectively works of art in the best possible light? Due to their high energy efficiency, LED Tacking Lightsspotlights are the ideal light source for rooms that need to be permanently illuminated over a long period of time, for example during opening hours. We offer a wide range of products, including LED three-phase spotlights, so that you are ensured to find the right product in our extensive assortment. The spotlights are also suitable as lamps for a track system, whose installation on the ceiling is just as possible as on the wall –  for that you can illuminate every area of the room as desired with the LED track system. The individual spotlights can be controlled independently of each other, giving you plenty of freedom regarding the illumination.

Using LED three-phase spotlights as creative light sources
The three-phase track luminaires, which you can order favourably and conveniently from home in our online shop, are convincing in a number of ways: With a service life of around 40,000 hours, the LED Tacking Lightsspotlights are made for hours of continuous operation. At the same time, they are not only energy-efficient, but also power-saving and environmentally friendly. You can also choose from daylight white, warm white, neutral white, GOLD (for cheese bars) and MEAT (for meat and sausage products). Set the scene for your products with the right LED three-phase spotlight and increase your turnover! If you are interested in our lamps that are also suitable for a track system, then browse through our online shop and find the matching article!
A wide spectrum of possible applications: Lamps for a track
Do you want an LED track system in your sales or showroom? Our LED Tacking Lightsspotlights are also ideally suited for this purpose. If you are interested in lamps for a track system, contact the experts of the LEDTECH shop - we will appreciate to help you! No matter whether LED three-phase spotlights, wall luminaires, floodlights or mirrors - in our online shop we have everything your heart desires. Do not buy just anywhere, buy from the LEDTECH online shop and order the perfect lighting system for your premises today.