Tri-Proof LED Light

The lighting in damp, wet or dusty environments such as in basements or assembly halls, places special demands on the lamps there. An energy saving LED Waterproof luminaire is ideal when it comes to bringing sufficiently bright light in the garage, the animal house or garden shed. Check now our offer: Also for your wet room, we have the perfect Luminaire with LED technology in its range.

Light for your wet room: the right Luminaire with LED advantage

In our LED shop you can buy excellent diffuser luminaires for damp rooms in different sizes. A diffuser luminaire with LED technology, please contact us in these sizes:

  • 60 cm
  • Length 120 cm
  • 150 cm

in addition, our comprehensive LED range also divided into different power levels: a lamp for damp locations with 30 watts refer to our shop as reliably and cost-effectively as an LED-proof luminaire with 50 or 60 watts. Keep in mind that the ratio of energy consumption and light intensity of LEDs is significantly better than conventional halogen lamps. If you in this regard prior to your purchasing decision require advice, we are at your disposal: Please take Contact us

LED Waterproof luminaire in cool white or neutral white

in addition to size and power consumption, the light color is an important criterion, of course: Do you prefer an LED Waterproof luminaire in neutral white or should it better a luminaire in be cold white (= daylight white)? We have both versions in our product range. Meet so your choice: Purchasing is very intuitive and receive it promptly and reliably, download Get a powerful and energy-efficient lighting for your wet room: Each Luminaire with LED technology provides a significantly longer life and noticeably reduced power consumption compared halogen lamps and other light sources. A high-quality LED Waterproof luminaire from our shop also makes the night in your basement for days.