12v Strips

With LED strips 12V, you can enjoy maximum flexibility in lighting design and don't have to settle for conventional standard lighting. The practical strips are attached using double-sided adhesive tape without any major installation effort and create attractive effects in no time at all. In order to meet your individual requirements and fulfill all your wishes, we naturally offer the 12V LED strips in warm white, cool white and neutral white. But you can also order the 5m long light strips conveniently and cheaply online from us as an RGB version!

LED strips 12V - whether , or - stand for elegance and are ideal as spotlights in display cabinets and cupboards, for a harmonious atmosphere behind the TV, as a night-time signpost in the hallway or for an atmospheric ambience in the party cellar. Of course, there are no limits to your design options, as the electronic strips, which are equipped with up to 120 LEDs per meter, are virtually infinitely extendable. What's more, all the lights in our range are dimmable, self-adhesive and durable. In addition, you can use the 12V RGB LED strips, which light up in alternating colors as required, as well as all others as a 5m long, continuous strip or divide them flexibly.

These LED strips 12V are available in the LEDTech Shop

If you want to buy high-quality 12V LED strips online in our , you can choose between different versions with and : warm white, cool white, neutral white, RGB version, various individual colors.

If you want to add a touch of color, you can use the LED strips 12V RGB (5m) to bring color into play. The color change increases the attractiveness of your lighting and gives you the opportunity to create impressive light shows that would be unthinkable with conventional light sources.

If, on the other hand, you want to let off steam creatively, the LED Flexible Strip opens up ingenious possibilities. It allows you to illuminate even complex shapes in the desired light without having to bend. It has never been so easy to turn imaginative lighting ideas into reality. Thanks to modern technology, you don't even have to spend a lot of money. The 12V LED strips are not only inexpensive to buy, but also comparatively inexpensive in continuous operation, as they are extremely energy-efficient and consume very little power. Order your favorite light strips in the LEDTECH-SHOP and benefit from an outstanding price-performance ratio!

Create a pleasant atmosphere with LED strips 12V

Light influences mood and well-being. With our 12V LED strips, you can now light up wherever and however you want. Simply let the flexible light strips become part of your interior design. Your lighting ideas are then no longer tied to conventional lamps and luminaires. Dimmable LED strips 12V allow you to change the brightness of the LEDs. Depending on the time of day, mood or occasion, you can increase or decrease the light intensity. By choosing a strip with colored LEDs, you can give your rooms a completely new, individual touch. And with LED light, not all white is the same - you can choose between different shades of white. With some white strips, you can even change the color tone during operation - this feature is called "Tuneable White". Neutral working light during the day, then relaxing, warm light from the same 12V LED strip in the evening. So that you can professionally realize your sophisticated furnishing and lighting ideas with LED strips 12V, you need high-quality source material. The LED strips from our online store are fitted with high-intensity LEDs and offer uniform brightness over their entire length. Thanks to their luminous intensity, they can be used not only as decorative lighting, but also as background lighting and even as a main light source. Our 12V LED strips can also be easily shortened and extended. This means you can implement your lighting project entirely according to your plans and ideas.

Frequently asked questions

Which light color is recommended for LED strips 12V?

The choice of a specific individual color is purely a matter of taste. If you buy a white LED strip, pay attention to the so-called color temperature, because not all white is the same. Warm white is suitable for living areas, cold white is more suitable for rooms where people work.

How bright is a 5m LED strip 12V?

The brightness emitted by a lamp is specified in lumens. In the descriptions of our LED strips, you will also find information on the respective number of lumens. An old 40 watt light bulb has approx. 400 lumens. Of course, our LED strips consume much less power than the good old incandescent bulb.

Why buy LED strips 12V online at LEDTECH-SHOP?

We have a large selection of white and colored LED strips and we offer reliably good quality that you can rely on. This is not the case with every LED offer in the supermarket. We also give you several payment methods to choose from and offer fast delivery.