12V strips

LED strips 12V can be enjoyed when lighting design maximum flexibility and do not have to settle for a conventional standard lighting, using The practical strips of double-sided tape attached with little installation effort and care in a jiffy eye-catching effect, in order to meet your individual requirements to meet and all requests, we carry out the LED strips 12V of course, with the light colors warm white, cool white and neutral white , but also as an RGB version, you can order the 5m long light strips convenient and inexpensive with us online!

LED strips 12V - whether cool white, warm white or neutral white - stand for elegance and are suitable for example ideal spots in display cases and cabinets, for a harmonious atmosphere behind the TV, as nocturnal sign in the hallway or an atmospheric ambience in the party room, of course, you are set for further design possibilities unlimited because the up to 120 LEDs per meter equipped electronic bands are virtually endless extendible addition, all copies from our range are dimmable, self-adhesive and durable, Furthermore, they both alternating brightly colored if necessary LED strips 12V RGB to use as any other than 5m long, continuous strip or share flexible,

What LED strips 12V, it may be

Anyone quality LED strips 12V onl ine wants to buy in our shop, choose between different variants with and without water protection : warm white, cool white, neutral white, RGB version, various individual colors

Should go it colorful, bring the LED strips 12V RGB (5m) on your mood color into play, by the color change to increase the attractiveness of your lighting and have the option of imposing light games to hold that are unthinkable with conventional bulbs,

If you want to let off steam, however creative, you opened the LED Flexible Strip ingenious ways With this you can let shine even complex forms in the desired light without having to bend must, yet it was so easy, never imaginative lighting ideas into reality to let Thanks to modern technology, you do not have to spend even a lot of money, because the LED strips 12V are favorable not only to buy, but also in continuous operation comparatively, as they are highly energy efficient and use little electricity , order your preferred light strips in LEDTECH-SHOP and take advantage of an outstanding price-performance ratio!