Outdoor lights

If you want to realize an attractive outdoor lighting, the LEDTECH shop is the ideal destination for suitable products. We carry interesting outdoor LED luminaires in the range, with which you are well advised to put out quality lighting accents or want to provide more security.


With LED outdoor lighting stylish light into the darkness

In a dark night, it is always an advantage when you can turn on a light to illuminate the path to the front door or entrance areas. This not only makes it easier for visitors who, but also increases the safety same time you increase the attractiveness of your outdoor area through the strategic use of light sources.
Just like our LED pendant lights code and combine all other interior lights from our program and our LED outdoor lighting skillfully reliable functionality with aesthetic design. Thus you have at night or at dusk over a practical lighting and exciting day with contemporary design elements stir. Our portfolio includes:

  • bollard lights
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Wall Lamps

Through our bollards They illuminate garden paths or access to your home. LED Wall can mount, for example next to the front door. Is a protective canopy over the entrance present, also the installation of a ceiling light is an option

No matter how you decide with our energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting you save in any case, the environment and your wallet. because the power consumption of modern LEDs is extremely low. Of course all models that we offer you robust and weatherproof.