Surface mounted spotlight

Surface-mounted spotlights for rooms with low ceilings

Especially in low rooms, it is often not possible to use recessed spotlights because you got to suspend the ceiling for their use. In such a case, many people prefer to choose the surface-mounted spotlights from LEDTECH. These can be mounted directly on the ceiling without much effort and are used either to illuminate individual areas selectively or to illuminate the complete room.

Surface-mounted spotlights of this kind are mainly used where simplicity and plain contours are important. Accordingly, they are increasingly found in offices and companies. Such surface-mounted spotlights are characterised by high flexibility and suitability for everyday use. Depending on the model, they can be permanently mounted or individually aligned. The more precisely you know what you expect from your beams, the easier it will be for you to choose suitable variants.

The most important product characteristics for surface-mounted spotlights
If you are looking for suitable surface-mounted spotlights, you should consider a variety of criteria. Among other aspects, it depends on the brightness of the individual spotlights.If a high degree of individuality and flexible customisation options are important to you, you should attach priority to the fact that the respective surface-mounted spotlights are dimmable. The used illuminants are also important, as they have a great influence on the ambience in a room.
Surface-mounted spotlights are available in various designs. Before buying, make absolutely sure that the  models you choose are suitable for the room in which they are to be installed.  Another important selection criterion is the energy class. You will be informed about the Eco-friendliness of the respective surface-mounted luminaire and how much energy it requires or consumes. In this context, you should take a look at the voltage and the power of the according model.
Please, pay special attention to following points before buying surface-mounted spotlights:

  • Brightness
  • Energy class
  • used illuminants
  • Dimming capability
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Voltage
  • Power

Surface-mounted spotlights in various designs

Surface-mounted spotlights are available in a large variety of designs and versions. For that you can decide between elongated and rounded models, among others. Often the individual spotlights are black or white, but there are also coloured versions. In addition, you can choose whether you would like to use single spotlights or double spotlights. These can have 2 or 3 flames, and each can radiate a different colour temperature. Last but not least, various surface-mounted spotlights got a different number of luminaires.

Important design features for surface-mounted spotlights

  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Single or double spotlights
  • Colour temperature
  • Number of lights
  • 2- or 3-flame

Surface-mounted spotlights must be of excellent quality

If you want to enjoy and benefit from your surface-mounted spotlights for a long time, you should look for models of excellent quality. This ensures that the desired brightness is always achieved and that you enjoy the benefits of the lamps for many years to come. So don't just choose any surface-mounted spotlight, but decide on the excellent models from LEDTECH.
These are characterised by excellent manufacturing and an individual, attractive design. They have been professionally developed, produced in elaborate processes and used and tested in a wide range of areas. You can therefore be sure of getting excellent surface-mounted spotlights which are perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.


What are the special features of surface-mounted spotlights from LEDTECH?

The surface-mounted spotlights from LEDTECH are popular, among other factors, for their high quality and reliability. In addition, they have a wide range of functions, which means they can be perfectly tailored to individual requirements. Because of their high durability, they rarely need to be replaced.

What design features are provided by the surface-mounted spotlights from LEDTECH?

Especially in the area of lighting, design features are of great importance. Lamps are never just functional, but also help to create the ambience of a room. That's why LEDTECH uses surface-mounted spotlights with a wide variety of styles and colours. This ensures that the right solutions are available for each room and each taste.

How do users achieve the desired brightness?

It is recommended to set up a comprehensive lighting concept. This allows you to determine and obtain the required number of surface-mounted spotlights. It is also useful to invest in dimmable models. In  accordance to the situation the brightness can be adjusted individually.