LED Outdoor Wall Light

Giving house facades an atmospheric flair with LED outdoor wall lights

Whether for illuminating the garden path, front door or garage, balcony or patio, LED outdoor wall lights are used in many areas. Annoying attempts to unlock the front door in the dark are finally a thing of the past with the high-quality spotlights, as the wall lights ensure clear lighting conditions and sufficient visibility. They also lend the outdoor area a harmonious atmosphere and invite you to spend long, cozy evenings with friends and family in the open air. In our you will find a large selection of modern LED outdoor wall lights in various shapes, colors, styles and designs.

The right LED outdoor wall light for every need

Depending on where exactly lighting in the is to be used, different light sources and properties are required. Wall lights in the entrance area, for example, should have a high level of brightness and clarity. Balconies and patios, on the other hand, are places where you want to relax and unwind. Indirect or diffused light is recommended here, as it creates a cozy atmosphere and is safe at the same time. Adjustable and brighter outdoor wall luminaires should be used for corners that are used for reading, writing or eating. They ensure a good view and still have an atmospheric effect. A combination of radiant, bright and shaded areas creates a particularly attractive ambience. You can also create a unique effect if parts of your outdoor lighting are indirect. With indirect lights, the light spreads via reflections on the wall and creates a particularly atmospheric effect.

Large selection of high-quality LED outdoor lights at LEDTECH

LED outdoor wall lights are generally made of durable and low-maintenance materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. They are particularly energy-efficient and consume up to 90 % less electricity than other light sources. The lights are also available in different colors.

We offer outdoor wall lights in the following colors:

  • matt white
  • white
  • matt black
  • graphite
  • matt nickel
  • silver gray
  • gold leaf
  • stainless steel

The color temperature of the lights is also decisive for a pleasant atmosphere. The choice depends on the intended use and your personal preferences. In other words, whether you prefer a warmer flair or a modern and bright light. Warm colors can be achieved with a low color temperature, while a high color temperature produces clear and very bright light.

LED outdoor wall lights with different beam directions

Depending on the model and design, outdoor wall lights can have different beam outlets and beam directions. The angle of coverage can be individually adjusted for many lights.

The most common variants include the following LED outdoor lights:

  • Lights that shine upwards and downwards
  • Lights that shine downwards
  • Lights that shine upwards
  • Lights that shine in all directions

LED outdoor wall lights therefore not only provide basic lighting, they can also be used to create attractive accents. With uplights and downlights, i.e. luminaires that shine upwards and downwards, even bare house facades or entrances become an absolute highlight. The use of several luminaires at symmetrical intervals in particular creates attractive patterns and plays of light.

Large selection of LED outdoor wall lights at LEDTECH

LEDTECH offers you a large selection of square, rectangular and round outdoor wall lights for every requirement, in high quality and at an affordable price. Whether classic wall lights, wall and ceiling spotlights or unusual wall lights, in the online store you will find the right LED outdoor wall lights for every taste and for every structural situation.

Frequently asked questions

Can I install the outdoor wall lights myself?

The installation of lighting generally requires technical understanding and a careful approach to ensure flawless, safe operation. We therefore recommend having the installation and assembly carried out by a specialist. This way, you can be sure that the lights are installed properly and safely.

Where can round LED outdoor lights be used?

Round outdoor luminaires emit light evenly in all directions and their style is usually timeless and minimalist. Depending on the design and brightness, they are particularly suitable for use on balconies and terraces, but also for pathways. Round panes with LED light also conjure up particularly beautiful lighting effects on house facades.

What protection rating must my outdoor lighting have?

The degree of protection required for outdoor lights depends on the extent to which the location of the lights is affected by environmental influences such as heavy rain or snow. The more moisture can reach the lamps, the higher the protection rating should be. Roofed areas and protected house walls therefore require a lower protection class than lamps in the open air. Attention should also be paid to exposure to dust.

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