LED strips/ modules

LED strips that are versatile

With our high quality strips with colorful, warm white or cold white LEDs You can set stylish accents in the interior or exterior. Whether you want austatten showcases, balcony, patio or garden full of atmosphere, here you find the right lighting options. The LED strips are bendable and can therefore be customized to fit any flexible. With the dimmable lighting products you can create a harmonious atmosphere. for outdoor use such as a balcony, patio or garden or rooms that are exposed to humidity such as bathroom and kitchen, you will find waterproof with us LED strips.


High-quality LED strips online cheap and discreet, stylish indoor and outdoor setting

Candles, tea lights, table lamps or lights - cozy-looking decorative lighting comes in countless variations. But if you prefer modern subtle and indirect lighting, we recommend our high-quality LED strips, We carry the light strips flexible flexible and adaptable to all situations in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, We offer you the colorful LED RGB Strip to . through to simple LED bar is excellent value for money

Whether you are cool white, warm white, colored or multicolored glowing LED Strips prefer that can change continuously from one color to another - here you are guaranteed find it! The standing of elegance LED strips are suitable for example as ideal spots in display cases and cabinets, for a harmonious atmosphere behind the TV, as nocturnal sign in the hallway or an atmospheric ambience in the party room. Of course there are no limits for other design options, as up to 120 LEDs per meter equipped electronic bands are virtually endless extendible addition, all copies from our range are dimmable, self-adhesive and durable. If you want a flexible LED strip online with low price, you've come to the right place!