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Energy-efficient LEDs are the right choice if you want to reduce your electricity costs with an environmentally friendly lighting concept perfectly tailored to your needs. In our well-stocked LED store, you can get all the items you need for perfect lighting with LEDs in impeccable quality.LED strips for original lighting effects


With our high-quality products, you can be creative yourself and realize your ideas as desired. Here, for example, you get extremely versatile LED strips that offer you a high degree of flexibility. So you can realize almost any shape with the bendable strips and use light as an atmospheric design element indoors as well as outdoors. The RGB LED strip brings thereby - completely after aesthetic feeling - tidy color into the play.

Setting extraordinary accents with LED strips

In terms of lighting design, all options are open to you if you use LED strips. With them, you create a pleasant ambience in your private four walls without much installation effort, for example, by indirectly illuminating pieces of furniture. But also commercially used premises thereby experience a visual upgrade.

LED store with over 5,000 articles and product solutions

If you want to replace conventional with energy-saving LED lighting, an extensive product selection awaits you in our LED store. With us, you will find under guarantee suitable LED bulbs MR 16, E14, E 27, GU 10 as well as other need-based versions for trouble-free replacement.

No matter what area you need modern LEDs for, we are your experienced contact for first-class product solutions: For example, if you are looking for an LED ceiling lamp, we offer stylish LED pendant lights and other variants. Various LED recessed ceiling lights for individual room design are also available for you. In addition, we present other contemporary LED design lights that are worth seeing:

  • Floor lamps
  • Table lamps
  • Wall lights
  • and many more.

However, not only indoors you provide with our products for optimal lighting conditions. Even if LED outdoor lights in successful designs are in demand, you will find in our LED store. In addition, our range includes powerful hall lowlights and floodlights, which ensure optimum brightness at low power consumption.

Get an overview of our extensive program and order directly online in our LED store - from a value of goods of 200 euros we deliver free of shipping costs!

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