A lamp socket is the part of a lamp into which the light source is inserted. The socket and the base of the light source must be precisely matched. This is the only way to ensure that light can ultimately be produced in the living space. Fortunately, lamp holders and lamp bases are standardized so that you can always buy the right products for your living situation. Depending on the light source - light bulb, halogen spotlight, fluorescent tubes - there is a lamp socket with different dimensions. You should therefore find out the exact dimensions before buying. If you would like to switch from an outdated system to newer LED technology, we also offer suitable adapters in our store.

The different types of lamp socket

There are three different types of lamp bases that are mainly used in the home. Accordingly, we also stock the following types of lamp socket for you:

  • Edison lamp socket with screw thread for light bulbs
  • Lamp socket with bayonet connection for halogen and LED lamps
  • Special sockets for fluorescent tubes

The Edison lamp socket with screw thread is mainly used in older lamps. For a long time, halogen lamps with pins as holders were regarded as the successor to Edison bulbs. The latest technology with economical LED light sources is also based on this type of mounting. Of course, we also offer other lamp socket models. However, these are often found for special applications in the industrial or commercial sector.

A lamp socket is predominantly standardized

A lamp base is just as standardized as a matching lamp socket. This mainly concerns the spacing of the contacts. These must interlock exactly so that the energy can light up the lamp. You will often find the spacing information in the name of the respective lamp socket so that you can quickly find the product you need.

An E27 lamp socket is a socket for an Edison bulb with a diameter of exactly 27 millimeters. Accordingly, an E14 socket has a diameter of 14 millimeters. Halogen lamps are fitted with pin bases and have a G in their type designation, which stands for "glass". A G9 socket is therefore a lamp socket in which lamps with a pin spacing of 9 mm can be fitted.

In summary, the following lampholders are mainly used in living areas:

  • E27
  • E14
  • G9
  • GU10

Lamp socket adapters as a simple energy-saving measure

LED lamps are the most economical light sources. They require only a fraction of the energy of a conventional light bulb. If you want to keep your original lamps, this is no problem. As , for example, do not fit into the thread of incandescent bulbs, manufacturers have developed adapters for the bulb holder. With such an additional product, you can implement energy-saving measures very quickly.

We can offer you the following options in our store:

  • E27 to G9

If you mainly have halogen spotlights, the halogen light sources can be replaced very easily. Most pin spacings match those of LED lamps.

Simple lamp socket with power cable

Simple lampholders with a power cable are particularly suitable for renovation work. This allows you to completely remove your ceiling lamps and other light fittings and still work in the dark. Such sockets are available for all light sources.

Such models are also ideal for rooms that are rarely used, such as the cellar. Beauty is not the most important thing there, just the possibility of a simple light source. You can vary the length of the power cable so that you can illuminate all areas of the room.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How can a lamp socket be replaced?

Before you replace a lamp socket, you must first switch off the fuses so that you do not get an electric shock. Many models can be unscrewed by turning them anticlockwise. Sometimes, however, you will have to switch off an internal locking mechanism or release the corresponding latch. The lower cap can then be pulled down towards the power cable and the conductors disconnected.

Who can help me with problems with the lamp socket?

If you have difficulties selecting the correct lamp socket, you can contact our customer service team directly. Our staff will be happy to advise you on your options by phone or e-mail. It is helpful if you describe in advance exactly which products are currently installed in your home.

Where and how can I buy a new lamp socket?

You can easily buy a new lamp socket in our online store. We have the most popular models permanently in stock. You can quickly find a suitable product using the search function. After purchase, the goods are dispatched immediately so that you can start working in your rooms after a short time.