A lamp socket that can be connected directly to the power grid is handy exceedingly. For example, must the ceiling light can be removed to perform renovations in a living room, a sufficient illumination to ensure use of such a base and an appropriate light source. We provide adequate sockets for LEDs and halogen spotlights

Stable lamp holders ceramic

Our heat-resistant ceramic versions can be used both in the private and commercial sector. Wherever a ceiling light be temporarily dismantled must prevent them from being damaged, an appropriate lamp socket is a suitable replacement. We provide you with copies of the following base and versions:

  • GU10 / PAR16 (to 100 watts)
  • MR16 / GU5,3 respectively MR11 / GU4 (to 100 watts)
  • E27 (up to 350 watts)
  • G9 (to 350 watts)

the high-volt version works via the normal power supply (230 volts), the low-voltage version is - as LED modules 12V and similar products - designed for a voltage of twelve volts. The rapid creation of a needs-based Behelfsbeleuchtung is therefore no problem at all. Thanks to double insulation of the cable with Teflon a high level of safety is guaranteed.

Short delivery time, low price

As a rule, we deliver within one to two days, so you do not long wait for your goods. From our affordable offerings you will not only benefit if you only need one copy. So we offer you, for example, with a decrease of 100 individual frames an unbeatable price of 0.33 euros. Traders can save a lot of money here, then.

When you have completed your renovations, you can with us by the way also a decorative new LED ceiling lamp code order. Finally, a lamp socket is permanently not a particularly attractive light source. We look forward to your order!