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Avoid nasty surprises when converting to LED with the 5V switching power supply The much-loved living room lamp should stay on, only the energy-guzzling halogen lamps should be removed. Many people think they can simply replace them with LEDs. It is true that LED lamps are available with the familiar pin-base lamps that we are already familiar with from halogen lamps. However, when they are switched on, there is a nasty surprise: instead of a beautiful and uniform light, there is an unpleasant flickering that makes the lamp completely unusable. But instead of disposing of the beautiful ceiling light, there is a cleverer way: converting the integrated transformer to a switching power supply.

Features of the 5V switched-mode power supply

The 5V switched-mode power supply is a small, compact electronic component. It is often the only way to convert a halogen lamp to LED. The problem with this conversion is that the existing halogen power supply units require a certain resistance to compensate for the mains frequency. If this resistance is not present, they pass on the pulse-like current transmission to the - with the familiar consequences. The switching power supply prevents this effect through its design features:

  • Rectifying and smoothing the 240V of the normal AC mains voltage
  • Portioning the DC voltage
  • Transformation from house current to safe LED luminous flux

The special feature of the switching power supply is that it uses considerably less material than the usual halogen power supplies. These often weigh almost half a kilo even for normal . The switched-mode power supply, on the other hand, weighs only a few grams.

Advantages of the 5V switched-mode power supply

The 5V switched-mode power supply offers the following advantages:

  • High efficiency
  • Precise controllability
  • High tolerance for input voltage
  • Can also be used for DC voltage power sources
  • Low weight
  • Minimal stand-by power consumption
  • Low heat generation

The high efficiency is ideal for LED applications. It supports the innovative light sources in their high energy efficiency. The switching power supply is designed precisely for LED applications. It filters the fluctuating, high-frequency input voltage in such a way that the light source only receives evenly flowing at the correct . It can also be used for direct current. This gives you the option of providing pleasant and economical lighting in your caravan too. Its low weight makes it very easy to install. It consumes a little power in stand-by mode. However, this basic voltage is so low that it is practically negligible. As a result, it generates little heat of its own, which benefits safety in the home.

Use of the 5V switched-mode power supply

The 5V switched-mode power supply is ideal for the following applications:

  • Converting existing halogen lamps to LED
  • New installation of house lighting with LED technology
  • Installation of economical lighting in motor vehicles
  • Extension of LED lighting

The most common application for the use of a 5V switched-mode power supply is the conversion of an existing halogen lamp. This means that you no longer need a huge, bulky and heavy power supply unit that could fall on your head at any time. Instead, the 5V switching power supply is light as a feather and can be easily concealed under panels or behind covers.

It is also ideal for new installations of house and apartment lighting. Thanks to its high tolerance, it offers a wide range of creative lighting design options. In motorhomes, caravans or on boats, the 5V switching power supply opens up all the freedom that LED technology has to offer. If you already have LED lighting, you can expand it almost at will with the 5V switched-mode power supply unit.

Frequently asked questions

What types of 5V switched-mode power supply are available?

The 5V switched-mode power supply is available as a top-hat rail power supply, with a perforated metal housing or with a lightweight plastic housing. This makes it versatile and opens up all kinds of possibilities for the creative design of an LED lighting concept. It is also possible to connect dimmers or other consumers, such as sensors or cameras.

How difficult is it to install a 5V switched-mode power supply unit?

Apart from the DIN rail power supply units, installing a 5V switched-mode power supply unit is very simple. The correct assignment of the individual phases is printed on the housing. Each product also comes with comprehensive installation and operating instructions. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that all work on the mains power supply that goes beyond replacing lamps is left to a qualified specialist.

Is a 5V switched-mode power supply dangerous?

A 5V switched-mode power supply is no more dangerous than any other consumer connected to the domestic power supply. As soon as it is connected, it is usually installed out of reach. Due to its low heat generation, it is particularly safe as it does not pose a fire hazard. The prerequisite is, of course, that you choose quality when purchasing this electronic component.

Why buy a 5V switching power supply here?

We are a retailer that is aware of its special responsibility when purchasing electrical components. That is why we only sell products whose quality we have personally verified. Benefit from our extensive experience and rely on products that are as safe as they are reliable. This gives you the reassuring feeling that you have not installed a dangerous cheap product.