Recessed LED Panel

We offer a large selection of round and square LED recessed panels that bathe your rooms, whether commercial or private, in uniform light. The LEDs are glare-free and contain no UV radiation. With the accessories supplied, you can easily mount the panels in appropriate recesses or directly on the ceiling. Depending on your taste, you can also purchase additional aluminum covers in polished chrome, satin nickel or black. Enjoy up to 80 % savings on electricity costs and a three-year guarantee for our private customers.

LED recessed panels for various applications

The recessed panels provide uniform lighting for a wide variety of applications. You need brighter lighting at the hotel reception but more subdued, cozy lighting in a restaurant or bar. In a yoga room or dojo for meditation, you want to darken the light accordingly. Any desired effect is possible with the dimmable recessed panels.
What's more, the panels are quick and easy to install, and you have two options for ceiling mounting:
1. You can simply screw the lamp directly onto the ceiling using the supplied bracket (spring clip) or
2. work it into a corresponding recess in the ceiling. Of course, the corresponding mounting material is also supplied. The spring clip with which the lamp is attached can be adjusted to size and the recessed light can therefore be clamped in directly.
All lamps have a built-in magnetic mounting switch and a flexible cover for the various masks, which are easy to replace. No screws are required for the recessed light, as a spring clip is fitted into the recess for the lamp. The magnet not only makes installation very easy, but also replacement and maintenance.