24V strips

You want the best bulbs for individual lighting of stores and other large objects to draw attention to himself? Then we have just the right solution for you on offer: LED strips with 24V voltage! Thanks to the flexibility, are equipped with the LED strip / laths 24V, and its excellent light output with low power consumption you can use a high-quality LED strip 24V and ambitious projects successfully realized, warm white Whether, cool white , neutral white or, as RGB or Tunable white version : We carry the appropriate LED Strip with 24V for each request - now conveniently order online!

LED strips 24V for your innovative lighting design

Our LED strips 24V pay well over greater distances none of their performance one, adjust the length easily to your needs and use the energy-saving light of the LED strips 24V to your liking as a unique design element in addition, each LED light bar features 24V from our product portfolio also includes the following additional benefits from

  • versatility
  • long life
  • environmentally friendly

Take yet to make energy efficiency the LED strips 24V to set selective accents or shine entire rooms in a warm, comforting ambience , also for a light outdoor installation are our waterproof 24-LED light source , provided they are declared as such by the effective splash protection can be guaranteed that occur in liquid or moisture no problems Thus does your lights flawlessly even in bad weather that you would not be worried about the safety,

Colorful 24 LED bulbs for different moods

Would you like not specify terms of color or inspire with different colors in the interplay, you can with us also LED Strips < / a> 24V as LED RGB band code order with 24V voltage with this you can instantly by remote control backlight LED strip 24V or to the prevailing mood, customize atmosphere If you are a LED strip n 24V best buy in our online store, you can rely Despite its attractive price first-class quality, we deliver quickly and reliably, for yourself

!: thanks to the low energy consumption, energy costs move absolutely even with larger projects in the frame, in addition, the environment is by far less burdened than when using conventional light sources