24v Strips

Are you looking for the ideal light source for the individual lighting of stores and other large objects to attract attention? Then we have just the right solution for you: LED strips with 24V voltage! Thanks to the flexibility of the 24V LED strips/strips and their excellent light output with low power consumption, you can successfully implement even ambitious projects with a high-quality 24V LED strip. Whether warm white, cool white, neutral white or as an RGB or tunable white version: we have the right 24V LED strip for every requirement - order online now!

LED strips 24V for your innovative lighting design

Our LED Strips 24V do not lose any of their performance even over longer distances. Simply adjust their length to your requirements and use the energy-saving light of the LED Strips 24V as a unique design element according to your wishes. In addition, each LED light strip 24V from our product portfolio is characterized by the following additional advantages, among others:

  • versatile usability
  • long service life
  • environmentally friendly energy efficiency

Why not use the 24V LED strips to create selective accents or to illuminate entire rooms in a cozy, warm ambience? Our waterproof 24 LED light sources are also suitable for lighting installations, provided they are declared as such. Effective splash protection ensures that no problems occur in damp or wet conditions. This means that your lighting will work perfectly even in bad weather without you having to worry about safety.

Colorful 24-LED light sources for different moods

If you don't want to decide on a specific color or want to inspire with different colors in an interplay, you can also order LED strips from us as LED RGB strips with 24V . This allows you to adjust the backlighting of the LED strip 24V to the prevailing mood or atmosphere in an instant by remote control. When you buy an LED strip 24V from our , you can rely on first-class quality despite the attractive price. We deliver reliably and quickly. See for yourself!

And thanks to the low energy consumption, the electricity costs are absolutely reasonable, even for larger projects. What's more, the impact on the environment is many times less than when using conventional light sources.

Space-saving, flexible and safe: LED strips 24V

In addition to their long service life and low energy consumption, LED strips 24V offer further advantages. They are extremely space-saving to install thanks to their particularly flat design. This gives you great creative possibilities. As direct light or as a diffuser, as indirect lighting or as a signal lamp, the LED strip 24V can be adapted to any requirement. The flexible strips can be easily installed along any curve or edge. Finally, these offer a very special level of safety: not only do they emit very little heat. Thanks to their operating voltage of just 24 volts, they pose no risk of electric shock.

The LED strips 24V are supplied in practical tape material. They can be easily cut to any desired length. They are connected to the power supply unit using the Wago terminals supplied. What is particularly convenient is that once the power supply unit has been connected to the 220 V mains supply by a professional electrician, you can carry out all further electrical work yourself. The 24 volt operating voltage for the LED strips is completely safe and you can give free rein to your creativity. To avoid confusion, the colors of the connection cables are clearly marked with black for minus and red for plus. You will also find the corresponding markings printed on the LED strips 24V. This makes installation child's play and safe.

Frequently asked questions

When to use cold white LED strips 24V?

Cool white light is ideal for illuminating an object directly. It illuminates a product particularly well and makes every detail recognizable. In the reflection, the white light is polarized and again pleasant to the eye. However, you should ensure that the direct view into the light source is prevented. This is best achieved with a suitable housing. A stainless steel housing polished to a mirror finish on the inside is particularly effective.

When to use warm white LED strips 24V?

Warm white LED strips are ideal for pleasant room lighting. They develop their effect particularly well through the use of a diffuser. A frosted glass panel effectively diffuses the pleasant light in the room and creates a homely, inviting atmosphere. The warm white LED strips 24V also ideally complement the cool white strips. If a warm white ambient light is added to the direct cool white illumination of the products in a display, this takes the edge off the cold light.

When to use dimmable LED strips 24V?

Dimmable light is always advantageous when the view in a room needs to be directed to a specific point. Dimming creates a particularly cozy atmosphere and radiates calm and security. This effect can be used for the entire room as well as for individual products in a display. Especially when the dimming is dynamized, this creates a particularly exciting and active atmosphere that arouses curiosity and attention.

When are RGB LED strips 24V particularly suitable?

RGB LEDs not only have an interesting, but also an almost hypnotically calming effect. The color-changing LEDs can be set to a specific color, which they then emit permanently. However, it is particularly effective when the LED strips 24V are switched to color change mode. This creates a magical lighting atmosphere that is hard to resist.

What is needed to install the LED strips 24V?

You need a suitable power supply unit for the RGB LED strips. These are available in a large selection and in various comfort levels in the store. In addition, the use of LED strips 24V only limits your imagination and creativity.