EDAC POWER ELECTRONICS products offer a high quality that meets industrial requirements and at the same time an economical solution for applications that are supplied via external power supplies. They are characterized by a very compact design and low weight and are therefore very well suited for mobile applications as well as for stationary applications with limited installation space. They also have a wide input voltage range and the DC outputs are protected against overvoltage and overload. The power supply units are certified to EN 62368-1 and, depending on the product, also comply with the international and American standards IEC 62368 and UL 62368-1. In addition to other international safety certificates and the required EMC standards, such as EN 55032 Class B, they are compliant with the Energy Star Directive according to Level VI and the latest ERP Directive (EU) 2019/1782. They therefore have a high level of efficiency and very low standby consumption. In addition to stock items, Schukat also offers other items from its extensive portfolio on request. For example, the manufacturer offers a wide range of optional DC output plugs and, on the AC input side, you can choose between C14, C8 or C6 input sockets for desktop power supply units and between fixed input or AC exchangeable clips for plug-in power supply units.