LED E14 light bulbs - maximum quality with minimum energy consumption

Whether for your company, home, apartment or children's room: with a single purchase, you can not only do something good for the environment, but also reduce your electricity bill. With a 5 watt with an E14 base and an energy efficiency class of A+, your house, apartment or office will shine in a completely new light. Help the environment by using LED lighting instead of conventional light sources and let your rooms shine in your feel-good light. Don't just feel better, light up better too!

E14 LED light bulbs - simply better lighting

Do you want to make your living room cozier and create a feel-good atmosphere with a reading lamp? Do you want to equip the office with optimum luminosity to ensure that you can work more productively and concentrate better? Or does the children's room need a new coat of paint, including , desk and night lamps? An E14 light source is luminosity without risk, because the extremely low heat development means that the risk of fire is close to zero. Whatever you have in mind: In terms of lighting, you are well advised to use an E14 LED light source.

Clean lighting with E14 LED bulbs

With an E14 LED bulb (the E14 stands for a thread diameter of 14 mm), you not only protect the environment, but also your bank account. With a significantly longer burn time, an LED saves ten times as much energy as a conventional lamp, resulting in a noticeably lower amount on your bill.

With ten times the service life in the same comparison, the environment is also one of the winners in terms of longevity. Customers can thus buck the trend towards a throwaway society and enjoy clear, bright light in their homes. In this way, customer and environmental interests harmonize with each other, because for customers this means lower costs and less effort when it comes to the inconvenience of replacing bulbs. The fact that the LED lamps are free of harmful substances and recyclable underlines their ecological added value.

E14 LED light bulbs - variety of versions

E14 LED lamps in warm white, neutral white or cool white are particularly suitable for rooms such as the living room or children's room, giving each room its own flair. While warm white light creates a cozy atmosphere in the room, cool white light helps to stimulate and increase concentration and alertness. An E14 LED is available both in a dimmable version and as an E14 LED spotlight. Take advantage of the 400 lumens that the light source has in it and make the most of the luminous flux of this LED - realize your lighting dreams!

With an output of 5W, the E14 LED from Mextronic in a spherical shape is the perfect light source to illuminate all your rooms in the right light - in all imaginable brightness and color tones to give your home an individual touch. If you prefer a different shape, the E14 LED light bulb is also available with a candle-shaped and pointed cap-shaped bulb.

Buy E14 LED light bulbs easily and safely online

Are you looking for LED bulbs with an E14 base, an LED spotlight with an E14 base or an E14 LED globe? You can buy all variants of the E14 LED bulb easily, safely and conveniently online from us and have them delivered to your home. Browse through our range in our and discover numerous great products, from and strips to and home inspiration. Once you have successfully placed your order, you will receive your goods in just a few days - dispatch takes place within 24 hours. You can pay easily and securely via PayPal, invoice, Amazon Pay, prepayment or cash on delivery.

Frequently asked questions

How big is the savings effect of the E14 LED bulbs?

With the energy-saving bulbs, customers consume only a tenth of the power of conventional light bulbs. Although the watt consumption is in the single-digit range, the light brightness (400 lumens) is not affected due to the advanced LED technology. Customers can choose between different power levels. The standard version includes E14 LED lamps with a performance of 5 watts.

What light temperature do the LED lamps emit?

E14: Customers can choose E14 LED lamps with a light temperature of warm white (2700-3300 Kelvin), neutral white (3300-5300 Kelvin) and cool white (5300-8000 Kelvin). While the reddish tones of warm white light are perceived as pleasant and harmonious, the bluish tones of cool white light have a concentration-enhancing and activating effect.

In what forms can I buy E14 LED light bulbs?

E14 LED bulbs are available in the shape of a candle, a stick hat and a sphere. Bulbs in the shape of a pointed hat impress with their directional light, while globe bulbs produce uniform light and many customers find the bulb shape decorative.