Ceiling Mounting Frames

Are you looking for an attractive alternative to the standard ceiling lamp or floor spotlight? In our online store you will find a large selection of LED recessed frames and LED recessed rings in various attractive designs: plain white or black, brushed aluminum or even swiveling products that provide a first-class visual solution - take a look around and discover something suitable for your needs!

The basis for high-quality lighting: LED installation frames

Our LED recessed frames and LED recessed rings are the ideal alternatives when it comes to or LED store lighting. Whether colored, cool white, warm white or another light - if you install a recessed ceiling frame or a recessed ceiling ring in your premises, there are no limits to the LED light sources you can use. LED recessed frames not only provide comprehensive light, but also turn out to be absolute eye-catchers within the interior design in combination with matching light sources. Discover numerous different variants in our online store that will make your LED store lighting the highlight of your premises and that you can order online at favorable conditions.

LED recessed frames and rings in various shapes

As a lighting expert with many years of experience, we are of course familiar with the diverse requirements and wishes of our customers. That is why we offer you a comprehensive that can also meet your individual needs. Here you will find both round and square LED installation frames and ceiling installation rings. From pivoting, brushed aluminum metal rings to angular, permanently installed double frames, we stand for excellent workmanship and material quality as well as an outstanding price-performance ratio.

LED store lighting according to your wishes

When installing an LED recessed frame or an LED recessed ring in your premises, there are no limits when it comes to light sources - whether colored, cool white, warm white or something completely different. With your LED store lighting, you have the choice of whether it should be dimmable - also a popular option in the living area. You can flexibly adjust the intensity of the light depending on the time of day or situation and design your showrooms or product areas as you wish. And should you prefer a different LED store lighting system after a while, your old one can be easily and conveniently replaced, as the LED installation frame does not need to be changed. LED recessed frames blend unobtrusively into a wall or ceiling, creating a harmonious transition between the light source and its surroundings. See for yourself and enjoy a particularly elegant ambience with our lighting solutions!

LED recessed frames and rings with excellent customer service

In addition to the quality of our LED installation frames and other light sources, customer service and advice are also important to us. We will not leave you alone with your questions and requests. Would you like to know something about our products? Or do you need help deciding which light sources to choose for your area? For all these and other concerns, you can us using the or via our hotline. We will help you, answer your questions and advise you on which of our products to choose. We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently asked questions

What is the advantage of LED installation frames?

LED recessed frames have the advantage that they virtually merge with the rest of the room. Because they integrate the lighting directly into the ceiling, there is no break between the light source and the room, creating a harmonious whole. The luminaires can also be replaced flexibly, as only the luminaires themselves need to be changed, not the frames.

What shapes are available for LED recessed frames?

The LED recessed frames and LED recessed rings are available in both round and square shapes. They are available as swivel rings made of brushed aluminum metal as well as square double frames that are permanently installed. The light sources can then be flexibly replaced within these frames.

Where can LED installation frames be used?

LED recessed frames and LED recessed rings are equally suitable for private and commercial use. In both areas of application, customers benefit from a smooth transition between ceiling and light source as well as extras such as dimmability of the lamps.