LED aluminum profiles

Our shop offers a wide range of LED profiles for indoor and outdoor use. You can, for. B. be used to cover LED strip or as a bow profile for cabinets. For wet areas such as bathrooms, balconies, terraces or building facades you can find in our waterproof profiles.

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When different shoring LED aluminum profiles are almost no limits to the imagination. Whether for covering LED strip, as a bow profile in the closet or waterproof inlet profile for the illumination of corners - LED aluminum profiles can be, walls and installed any of ceilings in corners. We offer a variety of designs that are useful for a wide variety of areas. You are looking for an LED profile that is waterproof? In our assortment you will find the inlet profile M11-1 that both a building can also outdoors indoors are built to enlighten bathroom and shower cabins, terraces or building facades. Look around and discover the profiles that you need to fully equip your rooms.

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With LED solutions, you are always on the right side, this is not only tailored to your needs but also on energy efficiency and thereby reduce demonstrably your electricity costs. Trust us - in terms of LEDs we know our stuff. In our online shop you will find over 5,000 items, including but not an aluminum profile for LED stripes. This is especially important for high-performance strip to ensure sufficient heat dissipation and normal function. In our assortment you will find a variety of items - the right LED aluminum profile is guaranteed. Thus, the aluminum angle-Exposed M3-1 profile is provided as the corner profile to be built into corners of furniture, which form a stylish frame around the LED strip. Besides the effect of heat dissipation they also serve as glare protection for people in the room

You see -. Our product range is huge, whether LED profile for drywall, an LED profile strip, a wall bar in LED format or an LED aluminum rail - you're sure to find everything for your lighting concept!