Mounting frame MR16 SET

MR16 mounting frame for LED spotlights and halogen lights - order at LEDTECH at a reasonable price For the installation of halogen lamps and other recessed you also need the corresponding in high quality. It is important that the frames have the right diameter and hole cut-outs. The color of the installation frame also plays an important role, as it must harmonize visually with your lights and furnishings. In the online store of you will find a large selection of high-quality MR16 mounting frames for your luminaires with GU5.3 bases. The installation frames are available in practical sets. You can also choose from different versions, colors, diameters and hole cut-outs, so that the right frame is available for every luminaire.

Matching MR16 installation frames in a set for your recessed lights Recessed frames are always required if you want to install spotlights and other light sources directly in the wall. There are both round and square, swivel or rigid installation frames. Some products are available in plain matt white or matt black, others are chrome-colored, nickel-colored or in bright colors. With you will find the right mounting frame for your lights, in round or square shape, different colors and designs at particularly low prices. The MR16 mounting frames are available in the following colors: matt white matt black chrome metal colors By the way, with us you don't have to buy a single recessed spotlight for every light. for each luminaire. You can obtain the desired frames in a practical set of 6 or 10 and thus enjoy a considerable cost advantage. GU5.3 base with MR16 design - meaning and definition With so many different bases and designs, it's not easy for the layman to keep track and know which product he actually needs. Halogen spotlights with low mains voltages generally have a GU5.3 base. The number/letter combination GU5.3 describes the distance between the base pins, which in this case are 5.3 mm. MR16 indicates the design and its diameter. The MR16 design has a diameter of 50 mm, whereas MR11, for example, has a smaller diameter of just 33 mm. The MR16 design is mainly used for halogen spotlights with different wattages, while MR11 is often used for bar and counter lighting. MR16 mounting frames with different hole cut-outs at LEDTECH The MR16 mounting frames are suitable for halogen lamps and LED spotlights with a diameter of 50 mm. At LEDTECH you will find frames for different hole cut-outs and with different outer diameters. The following outer diameters are available for the recessed spotlights: 82 mm 83 mm 84 mm 86 mm 88 mm 92 mm 93 mm Find mounting frames with the right hole cut-outs at LEDTECH Depending on the light source, the following are required for mounting in the or different hole cut-outs (aluminum hole size) are also required. If the hole size is too large for your lights, there will be an unsightly gap. If the hole cut-outs are too small, the luminaires will not fit in properly. The right size is therefore essential. In our online store you will find MR16 installation frames with the following hole cut-outs: 60 mm 65 mm 68 mm 70 mm 73 mm 75 mm 80 mm Buy MR16 recessed frames from LEDTECH Regardless of whether you want to illuminate bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms, LEDTECH offers you the right installation frame for numerous spotlights and recessed lights. The frames are available in different diameters, hole cut-outs and colors, so you will find the right frame for every luminaire. Visit our online store, we offer you countless high-quality lamps, lights and accessories. at reasonable prices. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you - free of charge and competently. Frequently asked questions Why are MR16 installation frames also suitable for the bathroom? Most installation frames are made of materials such as aluminum or nickel metal, so they are also suitable for damp rooms. Most of our models are also suitable for bathrooms. However, look out for the "rustproof" label; only rustproof MR16 installation frames should be used in your bathroom. What are the advantages of swivel mounting frames? Many installation frames are rigid, but there are also numerous swivel models. Which model you need depends on where you want to install your lights. Swivel frames have the advantage of being flexible. They are ideal for illuminating different areas. You therefore have the option of directing the light onto a specific object or area. Why do I have to buy an individual mounting frame for each luminaire? No, LEDTECH offers you practical sets with 6 or 10 MR16 installation frames of your choice. The recessed spotlights are particularly space-saving and of high quality. They are ideal for LED spotlights with a 12-volt voltage and are particularly suitable for kitchens, living rooms or for lighting counters and bars.