LED industrial Lighting

LED hall floodlights for optimum illumination of industrial halls

Powerful light sources are required for the demand-oriented illumination of large halls and comparable spaces. The LED industrial spotlights which we offer you reliably ensure optimum lighting conditions. Compared to conventional halogen lamps, these spotlights are much more energy-efficient as well as of a much longer life. You therefore benefit in many ways from the use of the latest LED technology.

LED hall floodlights - Finding the perfect hall lighting

Industrial halls are used for a wide variety of activities, for example for the production and assembly of components, for the sale of products, or as a storage facility. Before deciding to buy lighting for a hall, a detailed lighting concept should be drawn up. Special lighting may be necessary depending on the use, and the workplace directive must also be complied with. For fine work, for example, a different illuminance is provided than for coarser work.

LED hall floodlights for all purposes - here's what you should pay attention to!

By the way, it is not important for good hall lighting that as much light as possible shines from the ceiling. Various factors need to be taken into consideration in order to create a suitable lighting concept:

  • Illuminance level
  • Power of the lights
  • even illumination
  • Beam angle of the spotlights
  • Height of the luminaires to be installed
  • Conformity with the Workplace Directive

Only when the factors are set in the right proportion does this result in good and suitable lighting. In the food sector, luminaires are subjected to a hazard analysis, this ensures that consumers do not suffer any harm or sickness. Lighting in a sports hall also requires a high degree of durability and flexibility; it must be ball-proof and glare-free.

Energy-saving LED hall floodlights for large halls and sales areas

Our LED industrial spotlights are just as suitable for market, sports and trade fair halls as they are for large exhibition and sales areas. The right lighting conditions play an important role not only during work. With the perfect light distribution and light colour, they also arouse the interest of your customers and encourage them to buy your products. Hall floodlights with LED light are a popular, effective solution for clear and long-lasting hall lighting. Compared to conventional light sources, LED hall floodlights consume up to 50 % less electricity and still produce a comparable level of light output as other light sources. The more efficient the hall spotlights, the lower the running costs that lighting causes.

LED hall floodlights - resistant, safe and multifunctional

Our hall floodlights also work perfectly in dusty or damp environments. The integrated LED chip is protected from dirt and splash water by a robust cover. Temperatures between minus degrees up to 40 and plus degrees up to 85 degrees Celsius are no problem for the durable LED spotlights. This means they can also be installed in warehouses or industrial halls without hesitation. Furthermore, the LED lights illuminate without flickering and without delay as soon as the switch is pressed.

Select suitable wattage and order online

Our LED hall floodlights are available in different wattages in the LEDTECH online shop. You can order as follows:

  •   65 Watt
  • 100 Watt
  • 150 Watt
  • 200 Watt

In addition, you can choose between hall floodlights with shades made of aluminium or polycarbonate. You can also purchase additional LED 3-phase spotlights or other illuminants of excellent quality from us.

First-class LED industrial spotlights at LEDTECH

In our extensive range, you will find the perfect LED floodlights for your needs. With our high-quality, environmentally friendly LED lighting, you reduce your energy costs enormously. In addition, you will enjoy the resistant and durable luminaires for a long time. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than pleased to advise you on the selection of suitable lighting for your halls and sales areas.
Frequently asked questions

How long do LED hall floodlights last?

The operating time of LED luminaires is a multiple of that of conventional luminaires. Our high-quality LED floodlights also have a service life of about 50,000 to 100,000 hours. The actual time depends on the individual period of use. If the LED luminaires are in operation for about 60 hours a week, they will last for a lifetime of 50,000 hours and a period of 16 years.

Are hall floodlights dimmable?

Many of our LED spotlights allow the brightness to be dimmed. Pay attention to the product description before purchasing. Only explicitly labelled LED lamps are dimmable and can be operated properly with a dimmer. Non-dimmable marked LED luminaires should never be controlled with an LED dimmer, otherwise they may flicker or be damaged.

What needs to be taken into consideration when installing LED floodlights?

Hall floodlights are either mounted directly on the ceiling or suspended. For professional and safe installation, you should hire a specialist company. Also note that the mounted lighting complies with the respective standard of the workplace directive. The purpose is to achieve uniform illumination of all workplaces; in addition to the light output, the beam angle is also important.

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