150 cm

environmental awareness pays off! You save money and still get a powerful design lighting: In our online shop you find high-quality lamps such as LED tube with a length of 150 cm at a fair price and a VDE certificate, which guarantees safety. Look around and discover the neon tube that you need.

LED tube in 150 cm length and VDE-certified LED light is the technology of present and future. LEDs are not only durable but also energy saving. See for yourself and test it! In our assortment you will find a wide selection of bulbs for home use, offices or warehouses. The LED tube T8 with a length of 150 cm is available in the colors day white, neutral white, warm white, cool-white. By their low heat LED tube is not only pleasant to use but by also saves electricity costs. With their Unempfinlichkeit to shocks and without flicker, this lamp is a true guarantee of quality! LED tube 150 order in favorable sets for yourself from the luminosity of our LEDs and order the LED tube 150 online now! It can be simple to use and ensures an instant start with full intensity, no flickering, no long wait for the full luminosity. Because especially in large projects and industrial safety is an important issue, all our LED tubes are VDE-certified. The LED tube 150 is suitable both for professional and for private use, such. As for a warehouse or your own garage. You decide what color and what brightness it should be - 10 W 20 W to 30 W are many models for us. For a greater need order best a set of 25 tubes to be fitted in the long term! The 140 lumens / W stake lamp will not disappoint, Benefit from our long experience in this field and the quality of our products. All our LED products are energy saving, good for the environment and fair in price.