60 cm long

At the you are in the best hands when it comes to light sources of all kinds, whether LED tubes 60, or , , indoor or outdoor lights: Be inspired by the large selection and find exactly the lighting that is best suited to your purposes. If you need a 60 cm LED tube, we will inform you here about the properties and advantages of this modern light source.

Order 60 cm LED tube online and save money

The safety of a light source is particularly important in industry and other companies. We therefore recommend our VDE-certified and TÜV-tested 60 cm LED tube. It delivers full light intensity immediately after switching on - and absolutely flicker-free. It is also insensitive to vibrations and extremely robust. If you need a 60 cm LED tube light more frequently, you can also buy an affordable value pack of 25 LED tubes from us online.

LED tube

60cm from warm white to cool white

Depending on your usage requirements, you can purchase the LED tube light 60 cm from us in different light temperatures. From 3000K warm white to 4000K neutral white and 5000K daytime white to 6000K warm white, we have in every conceivable color temperature. There is also a dimmable version that allows you to switch continuously between the different light temperatures to adapt the light to the mood of the room or the time of day.
Alternatively, you can of course also purchase the following LED tube 60

  • LED tube 60 cm daylight white
  • LED tube 60 cm neutral white
  • LED tubes 60 cm cold white

In each case, you will find these with different wattages from 10 W to 18 W and 20 W to 25 W and 30 W. So you are guaranteed to get the 60 cm LED lamp you are looking for from us,

LED tubes impress with their long service life

The tubes are easy to replace, although this is not often necessary; because with a service life of up to 40,000 hours, their durability is particularly impressive. Buy the T8 LED tube 60cm from our online store and acquire a light source that delivers what it promises.