60 cm


LED tube 60 cm online and save money

Especially in the industry and other companies the security of a lamp in the foreground. Therefore, we recommend certified VDE our and Participate 60 cm LED tube. You instantly after turning on full brightness - absolutely flicker-free. She is also shock resistant and extremely robust. If you need more frequent an LED tube lamp 60cm, you can also buy a low value pack with 25 pieces LED tubes with us online.

LED tube 60cm from warm white to cool white

The according to usage requirements you buy from us the LED light tube 60 cm in different light temperatures. 3000K warm white 4000K through 5000K neutral white and Tagweiß to 6000K warm white, we have lamps in every imaginable color temperature. Additionally, there is the dimmable version, you can switch smoothly between the different light temperatures in order to adapt to the light of the room mood or the time of day
Alternatively, you can purchase as well just following LED Tube 60.

  • LED tube 60 cm Day White
  • LED tube 60 cm Neutral white
  • LED tubes 60cm cool white

They each find these then with different wattage of 10 W 18 W and 20 W to 25 W and 30 W. So you will get guarantees the LED lamp 60 cm, you are looking

LED tubes convince with long life

The tubes are easy to replace, although this is not often necessary; because convince with a lifetime of up to 40.000 hours it mainly by its longevity. Buy the T8 LED tube 60cm in our online shop and purchase a bulb that delivers what it promises.