LED Strips Food

LED strips are not only suitable for making living areas more comfortable, but are also used to draw attention to products in commercial spaces. In our store, for example, we have specially developed LED strips for the food industry, such as for bakeries or meat, sausage and cheese counters in supermarkets. The strips meet the conditions stipulated by the regulatory authorities for foodstuffs, e.g. free from toxic substances and easy and thorough to clean.

Put your food in the "right light" with this lighting highlight 1. the strips are insulated with silicone materials up to IP65 and can therefore be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The materials are suitable for food and non-toxic. 2. the available light colors are specially developed for food and make meat, cheese, fish, fruit and vegetables appear in bright, fresh and natural colors. 3. as the strips have been developed for commercial use, they are characterized by a robust and long service life. Installed with a cooling section, they achieve a service life of up to 50,000 hours. 4. you also reduce your electricity consumption enormously, by up to 80 %, when you replace the old fluorescent tube, halogen or metal halide lamp with the LEDs.