Ultraslim LED panel

The extra-flat UltraSlim LED panel brings light to the most diverse areas in a stylish way. No matter if it is needed for the kitchen, conference hall or corridor, you can install them anywhere where pleasant light conditions are required so as well in grid ceilings. We guarantee that you will find the suitable design for your lighting project. In our shop you can find recessed or surface mounted possibilities as well as pendant luminaires and dimmable versions.

Optical Upgrade with UltrasSlim LED Panel

Because we like to be at your assistance for optimal solutions we have various designs available for you which will fit harmoniously into your complete concept. For that the UltraSlim LED panel can have a round, square or rectangular shape. A round UltraSlim LED panel above your dining tabel or workstation, for example, has a completely different effect than square one.

 A suitable design is also very important in pupblic aereas as for example in

  • Museums
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Reception Desks
  • and many others

If you like to adjust the light intensity to the atmosphere in the room it is an advantage to have a dimmable LED-Panel. Of course, you also can order also such a variant in our shop. This allows you to create quickly the requested ambience with flexible backlighting.
In commercial as well as in private premises you are well advised to use the UltraSlim LED-Panel, which is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. Realize you ideas with our high-quality products from our comprehensive range.

Innovative room illumination through the LED panel dimmable

Do you still remember the room illumination by fluorescent tubes? The dreadfully glare-white lamps with their unnatural light, humming, gasping and flickering out their lives after far too short a period of use? Our dimmable LED panels can do everything the traditional room lights could, just much better. LED lamps are in principle more energy-saving and safer than any other light source. In addition, they have a multitude of comfort functions that could not be implemented at all with the old lamp technology. The LED panel is not only dimmable - it can do even more.
We offer solutions that can be controlled by remote control or App. The dimmable LED panel can be controlled not only in regard to brightness. A colour change is also available. This allows you to flood the room with exactly the light you need at the moment. Start the day with a cool white blue.  This has the effect of a cold shower and helps you quickly to find the concentration you need. Change your dimmable LED panel to a pleasant warm white around lunchtime. This keeps you awake and focused. End the day with relaxing shades of red. The dimmable LED panel will meet every requirement regarding the right atmosphere. This is ambient lighting as it should be.
You as the user decide how your ceiling lamp should shine, not the technology. The dimmable LED panels with colour changers enable you to use the full 16.7 million colours that the RGB spectrum can offer.
Go one more step further and integrate the dimmable LED panel into your smart home control system. Switch your light on and off as you please or as you need. The app controls allow you direct access or a programmed lighting sequence for this purpose. The app controls allow you direct access or a programmed lighting sequence for this purpose.

Why should you buy a dimmable LED panel?

An LED panel is ideal for a discreet room lighting. The diffuse light radiates evenly throughout the room and creates a consistently pleasant atmosphere everywhere. Due to its full controllability and programmability, the LED panel offers a creative freedom that was  technically impossible before. Let yourself be inspired by the modern technology and enjoy the LED panel in your home.

Why should you buy the LED Panel dimmable here?

We offer you only first-class products from leading manufacturers. Quality and reliability come first for us, in order to deliver illuminants which will meet their purpose for a long term instead of a short time. For this reason, the high-quality LED panels not only offer maximum comfort, but above of all a long service life and high reliability.

What other options are there besides the dimmable LED panel?

In addition to the dimmable LED Panel , we offer a wide range of innovative light sources for every application. VFrom small spotlights to discreet ambient lighting, from signal spotlights to work lights - we have everything you need for today's lighting solutions. If you should have any questions left, please, send us an e-mail or call our service hotline. We woul appreciate to be at your assistance regarding your challenges for innovative lighting.