Ultraslim LED Panel

The extra-flat UltraSlim LED panel brings light into a wide variety of areas in a stylish way. Whether in the kitchen, conference room or hallway, these attractive panels can be installed wherever pleasant lighting conditions are required - even in grid ceilings. We guarantee that you will find the right design for your lighting project. Here you will find recessed and surface-mounted options as well as and dimmable versions.

UltraSlim LED panel dimmable as a visual upgrade

As we always want to provide you with the optimum solution, we have different designs available for you that fit harmoniously into your overall concept. The UltraSlim LED panel can be round, square or rectangular. A round lighting element above the dining table or workstation, for example, looks completely different to a square one. A suitable design is also very important in public spaces:

  • Museum
  • bar
  • restaurant
  • reception
  • and others,

If you want to be able to adjust the light intensity to the atmosphere in the room, it is an advantage if the LED panel is dimmable. This allows you to create the ambience you want in no time at all with flexible backlighting.

In both commercial and private areas, you are well advised to use an UltraSlim LED panel, which is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. Realize your ideas with high-quality products from our comprehensive range.

Innovative room illumination with the dimmable LED panel

Do you still remember the room lighting provided by fluorescent tubes? Those dreadful, glaring white lamps with their unnatural light, which humming, wheezing and flickeringly breathed their last after far too short a period of use? Our dimmable LED panels can do everything that traditional room lights could do, only much better. LED lamps are fundamentally more energy-efficient and safer than any other . In addition, they have a wide range of comfort functions that were not possible with the old lamp technology. The dimmable LED panel is not only this - it can do even more.

We offer solutions that can be controlled by remote control or app. The LED panel dimmable can not only be controlled in terms of brightness. A color change is also available. This allows you to bathe the room in exactly the light you need. Start the day with a cool white-blue. This acts like a cold shower and helps you to quickly find the concentration you need. At midday, change your dimmable LED panel to a pleasant warm white. This keeps you awake and focused. End the day with pleasant red tones. The dimmable LED panel fulfills your every wish for the right atmosphere. This is room lighting as it should be. You as the user decide how your ceiling lamp should light up, not the technology. The dimmable LED panels with color changers offer you the full 16.7 million colors that the RGB spectrum can offer.

Go one step further and integrate the dimmable LED panel into your smart home control system. Switch your light on and off as you want or need it. The app controls allow you direct access or a programmed lighting sequence. This means you are no longer dependent on the limits of technology, but can use the full range of modern possibilities.

Frequently asked questions

Why buy a dimmable LED panel?

An LED panel is ideal for discreet room lighting. The diffuse light shines evenly throughout the room and creates a consistently pleasant atmosphere everywhere. Thanks to full controllability and programmability, the LED panel offers creative freedom that was not technically possible before. Be inspired by the modern technology and experience the LED panel in your home.

Why buy dimmable LED panels here?

We only offer you first-class products from renowned manufacturers. Quality and reliability are our top priorities. This means you have light sources that not only fulfill their purpose in the short term, but also in the long term. The high-quality LED panels therefore not only impress with maximum convenience, but above all with a long service life and high reliability.

What other choices are there besides dimmable LED panels?

In addition to the dimmable LED panel, we offer you a large selection of innovative light sources for every application. From small spotlights to discreet ambient lighting, from signal spotlights to task lights - we have everything you need for today's lighting solutions. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail or call our service hotline. We will answer any questions you may have about your innovative lighting challenges.