12V Power Supplies

Have you decided to switch from halogen to LED to reduce power consumption, but still want to use the old lamps in your rooms? Even if you can get LED lamps with the pin bases and the bulbs are therefore easily replaceable, this does not mean that you will get perfect flicker-free light. Just because there is a new, more energy-saving technology doesn't mean you have to give up your beloved old ones completely. For many, upcycling is no longer a buzzword but a term for environmental awareness. You can keep your favorite bulbs and eliminate the unpleasant flickering with a 12V switching power supply. This not only saves energy but also the expensive raw materials needed to manufacture new lamps.

Features of the switched-mode power supply 12V

The 12 V switched-mode power supply is a small, compact electronic component. It is often the only way to convert a halogen lamp to LED. The problem with this conversion is that the existing halogen power supply units require a certain resistance to compensate for the mains frequency. If this resistance is not present, they pass on the pulse-like current transmission to the - with the familiar consequences. The switching power supply prevents this effect through its design features:

  • Rectifying and smoothing the 240V of the normal AC mains voltage
  • Portioning the DC voltage
  • Transformation from house current to safe LED luminous flux

The special feature of the switching power supply is that it uses considerably less material than the usual halogen power supplies. These often weigh almost half a kilo even for normal . The switched-mode power supply unit, on the other hand, weighs just a few grams.

Advantages of the 12 V switched-mode power supply

The 12 V switched-mode power supply offers the following advantages:

  • High efficiency
  • Precise controllability
  • High tolerance for input voltage
  • Can also be used for DC voltage power sources
  • Low weight
  • Minimal stand-by power consumption
  • Low heat generation

The high efficiency is ideal for LED applications. It supports the innovative light sources in their high energy efficiency. The switching power supply is designed precisely for LED applications. It filters the fluctuating, high-frequency input voltage in such a way that the light source only receives evenly flowing at the correct . It can also be used for direct current. This gives you the option of providing pleasant and economical lighting in your caravan too. Its low weight makes it very easy to install. It consumes a little power in stand-by mode. However, this basic voltage is so low that it is practically negligible. As a result, it generates little heat of its own, which benefits safety in the home.

Use of the 12 V switched-mode power supply unit

The 12 V switched-mode power supply is ideal for the following applications:

  • Converting existing halogen lamps to LED
  • New installation of house lighting with LED technology
  • Installation of economical lighting in motor vehicles
  • Extension of LED lighting

The most common application for the use of a 12 V switching power supply is the conversion of an existing halogen lamp. This means that you no longer need a huge, bulky and heavy power supply unit that could fall on your head at any time. Instead, the 12 V switching power supply is light as a feather and can be easily concealed under panels or behind covers.
It is also ideal for new installations of house and apartment lighting. Thanks to its high tolerance, it offers extensive possibilities for creative lighting design. In motorhomes, caravans or on boats, the 12 V switching power supply opens up all the freedom that LED technology offers you. If you already have LED lighting, you can expand it almost at will with the 12 V switched-mode power supply unit.