Constant power sources

A constant current source - also known as LED driver - provides constant output current that drives the built-in lamp LEDs. If you provide your LED lighting adequate power and want to support as the longevity of the equipment, then a constant current source is essential. Check out our shop and discover the perfect hardware for your devices. Whether a constant current source is used with 700 mA or 500 mA 1 - we can deliver


constant current source for your LED lighting

Under constant current sources to understand ballasts for LED modules. These ensure that a constant amount of current is supplied, and thus a smooth operation of the lighting functions is ensured. In your rooms is LED lighting and you need a suitable constant current source for this? In our wide range you will find online all kinds of LED drivers - from a constant current source 200 mA to 900 mA. Make order for a regulated and constant operating current of the LED in a predetermined frame. To ensure not only the high efficiency of the power supply, but also the longevity of each LED. All of our equipment for constant current are isolated and highly precise. Despite the small, practical format, the devices are essential for the daily use of LEDs and safely built. They are protected against overload, short circuit and overheating.

Adjustable constant current source conveniently order online

If you need to switch between different current levels, then an adjustable constant current source is best for you. This can provide each different demand mA units and adapting itself to the respective LED device. You are looking for a constant current source for LED circuit? In our assortment you will find some switching power supplies that are suitable for it. With over-voltage, overload and short circuit protection you are always on the safe side when the driver performs the desired LED and lighting applications. Whatever you are looking for - whether a constant current source 250 mA or 1400 mA - easy to order online and have your articles easy home delivery. Save yourself time and money! If you want a general advice or you are not sure which constant current source you need, then call us. We will be happy to advise you.