LED Downlight

With our excellent brand products, conversion to energy-saving LEDs is effortless. If you are looking for a high-quality LED recessed luminaire that is completely easy to install, you will always find suitable offers in our shop. Regardless of whether for private or commercial use - we can provide you with affordable complete sets for every need.

Using LED recessed luminaire as light accent

If you would like to implement an individual lighting concept in a room, our recessed ceiling luminaires are ideal for your project. With the help of the downlights, which are available in 12-volt and 230-volt versions, you can set illuminating accents as desired. Our sets contain all components required for the installation of the LED recessed spotlights:

Our range includes both the fixed and the swivelling versions. Such LED ceiling lamps are ideal for integrating attractive ceiling lighting in kitchens or bathrooms, but also in retail or office spaces, which focuses on the light and not on the light source.
Fair prices and high quality awareness characterize our customer-friendly specialised trade. You can always get a suitable, long-lasting LED recessed luminaire from us that, due to its special characteristics, consumes significantly less electricity than halogen recessed spotlights and comparable light sources. On presentation of your trade certificate, you can order from our shop at wholesale prices and save even more money!

LED recessed luminaire with innovative technology

The LED recessed luminaire of today is almost the grandchild of the halogen spotlights that had their market launch in the mid-1980s. Fully integrated, high-intensity light sources that were not "dirt catchers" made these lamps very attractive, especially for the trade. At least it was possible to illuminate food without the risk of dust trickling onto the rolls, fruit or sausages. However, the halogen spotlights had major disadvantages: They became very warm and for that they had only a short life time. Both disadvantages could be completely eliminated with LED technology. The LED recessed luminaire of today is even more advanced. A separate transformer is no longer required for their installation. The complete technology is integrated in the switch and in the base of the recessed luminaire. The cut hole is covered by a stylish frame so that you always have a clean result. In addition we offer you an extensive choice of colours. Of course, you also have the option of repainting the frame according to your wishes.

Advantages of the LED recessed luminaire

The LED recessed luminaire from our shop is the most advanced technology on the market. Like all LEDs, our lamps convince with a long service life, low heat production and low power consumption. Due to the absence of the previously required transformer, the luminaire is very slim. It requires only a narrow cavity. This makes it ideal for replacing an existing lamp with these modern light sources. Each luminaire is available in a dimmable and swivel version on request. The lamps themselves can be replaced without tools. This allows you to change a point light for a mood light, for example by an RGB LED, at any time.

Installation of the LED recessed luminaire

After the LED recessed luminaire is connected, it will be pushed into the round opening with matching diameter with the springs folded up. Once it is fully pushed in, the springs fold down and the lamp is fixed in place. To replace, simply pull the socket. The springs fold up again and the recessed luminaire can be removed. Additional tools are not required. The replacement of the bulbs is simple as well. To do this, simply unscrew the bulb from the socket, remove the plug and reinstall the new bulb in reverse order.

Q & A  regarding LED recessed luminaires

Why should you buy the recessed luminaire from us?

We offer you a large selection of high-quality recessed luminaires at a favourable price. Above all, transformerless technology has so far only been offered by a few traders. That's why we offer you LED recessed luminaires that are equipped with the latest technology.

Why should you buy a LED recessed luminaire?

The luminaire has lost nothing of its practical and convincing basic idea - on the contrary. Due to the efficient and long-lasting LED technology, the space-saving, practical and discreet lighting has only advantages. Whether mood lighting or spot lighting, with the LED recessed luminaire you can achieve very special accents in your personal lighting concept.

What kind of service can Ledtech-Shop offer you for your recessed luminaire?

If you are not sure which luminaire is best suited to your needs, then give us a call. In a dialogue with you, we will clarify which of our products is suitable for your specific requirements. We are looking forward to your phone call.

What functions do the recessed luminaires offer?

The recessed luminaires from our shop are available in dimmable versions on request. In addition, they can  be swivelled as well. With targeted angled lighting, you can set special accents in your lighting concept. We will appreciate to advise you in order to achieve the best possible result.

What kind of service life do the recessed luminaires have?

LED technology is characterised by a particularly long service life. For our lamps, this will be up to 25,000 hours. This results a direct reduction of the already low costs, as the lamps do not need to be replaced as often.