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You will find your dimmable LED lighting suitable accessories such. As a PWM dimming, LED phase dimmer, led controller, dimmer socket, DMX control, touch dimmer or a special RGB lighting control with which you can adjust the brightness of your LEDs. As you can see while browsing, we will not only wired controllers but also wireless versions that can be controlled via wall control, remote control or smartphone or on a network computer.

Matching LED dimmer for your modern lamps

You have a cool, dimmable LED Strip purchased and want the brightness set via a remote control at will? Then you need a corresponding LED dimmer. Since not every classical dimmer is suitable to switch adapted to control LEDs, you find suitable here PWM dimmers, LED phase dimmer and LED controller, the high quality of our strips as well as other light sources have been developed from our online store. You have the touch dimmer on the special RGB lighting controller to the dimmer socket and the DMX control freedom of choice - Order Online-compliance of a model now! Please note, however, that not every LED product is dimmable from our broad range. This affects only the objects that are explicitly identified as such in our shop.

LED controller / dimmer via remote control or wall switch Press

If there is no other name in the data sheet, the LED dimmer typically designed for control of single-color light strip. This LED strip dimmer must be between power supply and LED strip are switched so that they can not function as LED phase dimmer, but by PWM (pulse width modulation). For the LED lighting control, we offer LED dimmer with 12 V, 24 V and 36 V supply voltage. In addition, we also carry special RGB LED controller with which you can easily dim the glorious colors wonders among the LED strip per controller. You will find both Dimmer for LED lights, the wired controllers contain and wireless variants via wall control, remote control or smartphone can be served.

Different LED controller online cheap order

Whether you need a DMX LED controller or a Tunable White controller for remote LED ribbon control - here you will find something nice! RGB LED Controller for. B. offer you the opportunity to fine-adjusting set a desired color to generate gradients and control the brightness and the switching state of the lighting. . Check out even among the systems how DMX, Dali, LED 0 / 1-10V and Zigbee

you have questions about the topic quot &; LED stripe control & quot ;? Then send us an email or give us a call! We can help you in the selection, so you LED Dimmer online can buy exactly the one that best meets your needs, respectively bulbs fit.