LED Controller

LED control / controller

LED lights not only bring light into the dark, they can also be perfectly adapted to your personal needs and living spaces. To adjust the color and brightness of your a special controller is required to regulate the color and brightness of your LED lighting. Controllers are precisely matched to the respective lighting concept and enable simple dimming and control of color temperature and color change effects. In the online store of you will find a large selection of dimmers and controllers that are suitable for your LEDs.

Controller and dimmer for easy LED control

More and more often are being used instead of conventional fluorescent tubes. No wonder, because LED strip lights are versatile and can be installed without great effort. The LED strips are available in different versions and provide beautiful lighting accents. With the appropriate LED controller, you can conveniently regulate the color temperature or light intensity of your LED strips. This can be done either manually using a dimmer switch or wirelessly with an LED remote control.

You can find the following devices for uncomplicated LED control in our online store:

  • PWM dimmer
  • LED
  • LED controller
  • Dimmer with socket
  • DMX control
  • Touch dimmer
  • RGB lighting control

As you can see while browsing, we not only stock wired control units, but also wireless versions that can be operated via wall control, remote control or smartphone or in a network via computer.

Suitable LED dimmers for your modern light sources

Have you purchased a cool, dimmable LED strip and want to adjust its brightness as desired using a remote control? Then you need a suitable LED dimmer. As not every classic dimmer with a switch is suitable for controlling LEDs, you will find suitable PWM dimmers, LED trailing edge phase control dimmers and LED controllers here, which have been developed for our high-quality strips and other light sources from our online store. Order the right model online at a reasonable price! Please note, however, that not every LED product in our wide range is dimmable. Dimmable items in our store are expressly marked as such.

LED control via remote control or dimmer switch

If there is no other designation in the data sheet, the LED dimmers are generally designed to control single-color light strips. These LED strip dimmers must be connected between the power supply unit and the LED strip so that they can function via PWM (pulse width modulation) rather than as LED trailing edge phase cut-off dimmers. There are different supply voltages for LED dimmers; a 12 V LED controller is not always sufficient. We offer the following voltages:

  • LED Controller 12 V
  • LED Controller 24 V
  • LED controller 36 V

We also stock special RGB LED controllers, which you can use to conveniently dim the magnificent color wonders among the LED strips. We offer dimmers for LED lights that contain wired control units as well as wireless versions that can be operated via wall control, remote control or smartphone.

Order different LED controllers online at low prices

Whether you need a DMX LED controller or a tunable white controller for remote LED strip control - you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here! RGB LED controllers, for example, offer you the option of fine-tuning a desired color. You can also generate color gradients and control the brightness and switching status of the lighting. Take a look at systems such as DMX, Dali, LED 0/1-10V and Zigbee.

Do you have any questions about "LED strip control"? Then send us an e-mail or give us a call! We will be happy to advise you and help you with your selection. You'll find the right LED dimmer for your light sources and applications in no time at all.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need an LED controller?

LED controllers allow you to conveniently regulate your LED lighting. Depending on the type of controller and LED lighting, you can set different color temperatures and color nuances according to your personal preferences. This works either via radio or infrared with an appropriate remote control or by manual operation using a switch.

Which LED control do I need?

Not every LED control unit is suitable for every lighting concept. For lighting concepts with simple LED installations, a controller with one output is usually sufficient. However, if different color temperatures are installed in your lighting concepts, you will need a controller with several channels. At least one channel is required for each LED type. If you are unsure which controller you need, please contact us.

Where can LED controllers be used?

LED controllers and dimmers can be used for both indoor and outdoor LED lighting. For outdoor use, however, it is important to ensure that the controllers have the appropriate protection class and are waterproof and dustproof. They should be at least IP67-certified or, even better, IP68-certified.