LED modules

A lighting that is creative and original can illuminate more than just what you are, you attract attention and help you to put your products or facilities to the optimum light, With us you can order everything online with what you need it , Among others, we perform LED modules 12V and accessories - for stunning light effects Take a look around


LED modules using 12V effectively

Not only furniture and decorative elements can be creatively use - even light is an effective element when it comes to certain things skillfully set the scene or otherwise creative romp, with our high quality products that they can be ordered online, your creativity knows no limits, no matter whether you want to illuminate a showroom or lighting technology creatively live out in your own home - we have the right products for you, our LED modules 12V have a brightness of 400 percent and are waterproof, so you can install both indoors and can be used for exterior this, you can choose between the following colors choose: white, warm white, red, green, and blue

LED modules V12 (IP65) - from light are Highlig hts

Our LED modules V12 are IP65 splash-proof and help you improve your design ideas easy to implement - with a smooth series, thanks to their very low energy consumption this saves you beyond even current - and doing the environment any good, even for larger projects LED modules help 12V for both the inside and the outside area is always going to reduce your energy costs, weight compared to conventional power sources LEDs the environment and your electricity bill that is significantly lower, Persuasion find out for yourself and take a look at our online shop at: Discover what ever you need

LED modules 12V interior and exterior are genuine all-rounders

In our online shop you will find the LED modules 12V perfectly relevant to your lighting project fit Whether you are planning something for indoors or out something want to change - in our large assortment you will certainly find something, LED modules 12V that are waterproof, are very flexible, This opens up a variety of possibilities for creative lighting design, choose the color of your choice and make you so different atmospheres in your premises - at home and in the office, If you have questions, of course, feel free to contact our service team by phone and e-mail always for it is there,