LED Modules

Lighting that is creative and original can do more than just illuminate what you want. It attracts attention and helps you to present your products or premises in the best possible light. With us, you can order everything you need online at a reasonable price. Among other things, we stock 12V LED modules and accessories - for breathtaking lighting effects. Take a look around!

Using 12V LED modules effectively

It's not just furniture and decorative elements that can be used for design purposes - light is also an effective element when it comes to skillfully showcasing certain things or letting off steam creatively in other ways. Lighting in particular can make a decisive contribution to creating a harmonious whole in a room or visually separating individual areas. Special furniture is highlighted and a certain atmosphere is created. Bright light, for example, is practical for the kitchen or bathroom, where details need to be clearly visible. Meanwhile, in the bedroom or living room, soft, warm light creates a cozy atmosphere. The right lighting also creates a very specific mood in sales rooms, highlighting the products, arousing desire and encouraging customers to buy.

With our high-quality products, which you can order conveniently online, there are virtually no limits to your creativity. Regardless of whether you want to illuminate a salesroom or be creative with lighting in your own four walls - we have the right products for you. Our 12V LED modules have a luminosity of 400 percent and are waterproof, so you can install them both indoors and outdoors. You can choose between the following colors: White, warm white, red, green and blue. This means you can find the right light color and intensity for every location.

LED modules V12 (IP65) - turning light into highlights

Our V12 LED modules are splash-proof to IP65 and help you to implement your design ideas with ease - with simple series connection. Thanks to their very low energy consumption, you also save electricity - and do something good for the environment. Even for larger projects, LED modules 12V for both and use always help to reduce your energy costs. Compared to conventional power sources, LEDs have a significantly lower impact on the environment and your electricity bill. See for yourself and take a look around our online store: discover whatever you need!

LED modules 12V are real all-rounders indoors and outdoors

In our , you will find the 12V LED modules that are perfect for your lighting project. Whether you are planning something for indoors or want to change something outside - you are sure to find what you are looking for in our large range. The LED modules 12V, which are waterproof, can be used very flexibly. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for creative lighting design. You can also select the color of your choice and create different atmospheres in your rooms - at home and in the office. If you have any questions, you are of course welcome to contact our service team, who are always there for you by phone and . We will advise you in detail and take the time to find exactly the right LED modules for you and your project.

Frequently asked questions

Which areas are suitable for the use of LED modules?

The LED modules can be used both indoors and outdoors, as they are waterproof and can therefore withstand the weather. The modules can also be used both for private homes and for business purposes, for example in salesrooms or offices.

What options are available for the LED modules?

Our LED modules are available in different strengths. The LED modules with 12V have a 400% luminosity. They are available in white, warm white, red, green and blue. The modules are also waterproof and therefore weatherproof.

How ecological are the LED modules?

LED modules have a much lower power consumption than halogen lights or old light bulbs. You can save up to 90% electricity with LEDs, depending on which version you use and which light sources you previously used. The lower power consumption not only saves you money, LEDs are also less harmful to the environment.