Feather pendant light

With the Feather pendant luminaire you will receive pleasant, organic light. The pendant luminaire Feather bathes your rooms in a cosy atmosphere with an organic touch. The spherical lamp encased in real duck feathers produces a particularly widely diffused light. On the one hand, this maximum diffusion reaches every corner of the room, on the other hand, it takes away any glaring radiation from the lamp and makes it directly viewable. It thus becomes an atmospheric illuminated globe in the room, radiating a special effect with its feathers. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by modern technology and nature now. The Feather pendant light is the best of both worlds.

Advantages of the Feather Pendant Light

The feather pendant luminaire offers you numerous exclusive advantages:

  • Especially effective light distribution
  • Interesting room accent for special cosiness
  • Organic-ecological touch
  • Many creative possibilities
  • High security

The feathers of a duck are designed by nature to optimally combine low weight with high stability. Therefore, the feathers stick firmly and permanently to the illuminated globe. The outgoing light is effectively diffused by the white feathers and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room. This effect is particularly impressive with dimmed or subdued lighting. The less the globe glows, the more it appears as a glowing sun that seems to float in the middle of the room. The natural material on its outside gives it a natural touch that keeps many creative possibilities open. By using energy-saving LED technology, the processing of the natural material duck feathers is also particularly secure.

Creative possibilities with the pendant light Feather

The pendant luminaire Feather offers you the following creative options by using matching LED lamps:

  • Any colour arrangement
  • Dimming
  • Flickering effects

Who would say that an illuminated globe should only shine in bright white? Today, LED lamps offer endless creative possibilities in terms of colour. In addition, it provides further options for creativity with dimming or flickering effects. Regardless of whether in cool ice blue, warm glowing yellow-red or cheerful green - the pendant luminaire creates an extremely interesting appearance in every colour, equally ensuring cosiness as well as fascination. RGB LED light sources are therefore ideal which are especially easy to install nowadays: The RGB LED lamp can be inserted easily. The included remote control allows the pendant luminaire to light up in any colour. Fascinate your guests with an integrated colour changer. This is generally installed in the RGB LED lamps.

Care of the feather pendant light

The pendant feather lamp feather is a normal light source that requires occasional care. Due to the natural materials, only "dry" care methods are possible. You can clean your pendant lamp with the following utensils:

  • Battery-powered hand hoover
  • Blow off with compressed air
  • Dusting with a brush or feather duster

The low suction power of hand-held vacuums is particularly advantageous when caring for this pendant luminaire. They will reliably remove dust and spider webs from the lamp without damaging the feathers. Careful blowing off with compressed air can be used as well. However, please wear respiratory protection during this process. You can also get your pendant luminaire nice and clean again with a soft, long-haired brush or an appropriately shaped feather duster. If the feathers should ever become wet, the lamp practically dries itself. All you have to do is switch it on. The heat and the resulting convection quickly dry the lamp again.
Frequently asked questions

How secure is the feather pendant luminaire?

Although the pendant luminaire Feather is permitted for light sources up to 40W power, we recommend the use of the particularly cool LED bulbs. This does not only result in maximum safety, but also in extremely energy-saving operation of your  pendant luminaire Feather. Compared to an ordinary light bulb or a halogen lamp, you save up to 90 % energy.

Is the feather pendant light ecological?

Of course, no additional ducks will be killed for the production of the pendant light. We only use residual materials from professional duck breeding for the production of these very special luminaires, which would otherwise have to be disposed of. This makes this innovative and atmospheric lamp particularly ecological and can be used without hesitation with a clear conscience. If you operate the atmospheric luminaire with the energy-saving LED lamps, you also make a special contribution to the careful use of natural resources.

May the pendant lamp Feather get wet?

As an organic material, feathers are naturally sensible to moisture. Therefore, do not hang the feather pendant light in rooms in which it constantly gets wet. For that reason the bathroom and the kitchen are  unsuitable places for this innovative light source. In living rooms and bedrooms, on the other hand, the lamp is optimally installed and provides a particularly interesting and stimulating atmosphere for many years.

How long does the pendant light Feather last?

We give the full legal warranty of two years on the  pendant luminaire Feather. However, it is designed and manufactured in such a way that it will last much longer if used properly. With a little care and the choice of a suitable light source, there is nothing to prevent the pendant lamp Feather from being used for many years.