Continuous line luminaires

For large spaces such as warehouses, production facilities, as well as workshops and open-plan offices, we recommend that you our LED strip lighting systems . The surfaces are illuminated so as you need it and is therefore an ideal solution. A simple plug-in system, you can mount the light band individually in rows and thus determine the length. For optimum illumination You can adjust the angle accordingly. You will receive an energy-saving system, which is characterized by high life (approximately 60,000 hours.) And will have a positive effect in the output section.

LED lighting system -. Efficient lighting for warehouses and Co

Especially in large-scale production facilities, warehouses and workshops is usually needed an efficient lighting concept. Here, it is possible to illuminate every corner as possible without too many lamps code or & quot; quot Lost &; to produce light high costs. In addition, the lamps in terms of angle, height above control numerous individual requirements must meet. Which lamp meets all these requirements? With an LED lighting system you make an excellent choice, especially when high flexibility is required.
The energy-saving and powerful LED light strip as a holistic system offers among other things a long service life of at least 60.000 hours and a considerable color temperature. Whether shelf areas in industrial buildings with high ceilings, wide corridors in the Lageristik or open spaces in garages or open-plan offices - a row luminaire stands for customized solutions in various environments! This is due to the special angle and the rather large lighting surface (120 - 150cm) because the row systems can therefore cover the side as well as the straight, selective illumination

LED lighting system or, trunking luminaire is quick and easy. simply mounted

If you decide to buy a LED lighting system from our range, you must not only look forward to a circuit-strong and efficient solution, but also on ease of assembly, installation and maintenance benefit. It is installed by simply plugging together, with either multiple row systems can be installed easily in a long, continuous row luminaire connect or individual copies at selected positions. Depending on local circumstances also the possibility that to fix LED lighting system directly to the ceiling or with a wire suspension lends itself
Furthermore bring to use the advantage of the generated light as possible the different optics and the possibility of dimming -. Where and how it is needed! In combination with the energy-saving feature and an intelligent lighting control you can exhaust your savings in full with a LED lighting system from our online store. Browse now through our broad assortment and choose your favored product - detailed information on each lamp you can easily get by clicking on the appropriate model