DIN rail power supply (DIN rail) Meanwell HDR-15-24 24V / 15W DC

to 15W for DIN rail (DIN-Rail) output 24V DC Input 100-240V AC

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Item number HDR-15-24
Manufacturer: Mean Well
Item No .: HDR-15-24
types: DIN rail mounting Single Output 1-phase power: 15W
Description: Even smaller and more efficient than the first generation (DR series) to DIN rail power supplies (DIN-rail) in the plastic housing is the new series of HDR Meanwell. In particular, in the building automation and home control the power supplies come with 15W is used, the protection class II correspond. The HDR family of Mean Well has a step-shaped plastic housing has an input voltage range of 85 to 264VAC (277VAC also available) and offers models with 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V. Thanks to slim design, the height measures only 90mm, the width 1SU (17.5mm). They can be on the standardized DIN rail TS-35 / 7.5 and TS-35 / assemble 15th To their properties also include a low idling consumption of <0.3W, a high efficiency of up to 91%, and an adjustable DC output voltage and a broader operating temperature range (-30 to +70 ° C). Also, an LED display for operation is available. The HDR series Meanwell meets the European standard DIN EN43880, the rules of the European Union for harmonic current according to EN61000-3-2 Class A and all safety specifications to UL60950-1, UL508 and EN61558-2-16.
Features: Adjustable
Leistungmax .: 15.2 W
AbmessungBreitein mm 54.5 mm
AbmessungHöhein mm: 90 mm
AbmessungLängein mm 17.5 mm
protection: < br> protection class: II Search facilities: directly on the DIN-rail mountable · enclosed case, Touch screw · Universal input · overload protection, current limiting, auto recovery · protected against short circuit, overload, over voltage · low idle power · LED indicator for power on · insulation class II
connections: screw
number of outputs: 1 | number of inputs: 1 | execution:
Ausgangsspannungmax .: 29 V / DC
Ausgangsspannungmin .: 21.6 V / DC
output current max .: 0.63 A
output current min .:
operating voltage:
input voltage Max: 264 V / AC
input voltage min: 85 V / AC
Produktgewichtin grams:
Condition New
Model HDR-15-24
Manufacturer Meanwell
Content 1 piece
Customs tariff number 85044090