Mean Well

MeanWell: High-quality switching power supplies since 1982

To ensure optimum lighting conditions both indoors and outdoors, you need the right power supply units in addition to LED strips and luminaires. This is the only way to implement your lighting concept according to your individual ideas. As absolute professionals in the field of LED technology, we can provide you with high-quality power supply units from the renowned MeanWell brand. The manufacturer has been firmly established on the market for many years and, in addition to LED switching power supplies, also focuses on AC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, battery chargers and much more. The brand's high ecological standards in particular make it an extremely popular option for LED lighting technology and other areas of application. With a MeanWell power supply unit, you will literally see the light!

MeanWell: LED power solution for your individual lighting concept

Order everything you need for your lighting installations from our store - from to indoor and and matching accessories such as power supply units from the well-known Taiwanese manufacturer, we have a comprehensive portfolio to help you realize your lighting dreams. Our extensive range of switching power supplies for converting unstable input voltage into stable output voltage includes the following models from the well-known quality manufacturer:

  • MeanWell 24V with 60W and 100 W
  • MeanWell 12V
  • MeanWell plug-in power supply
  • MeanWell DIN rail power supply unit
  • MeanWell 5V.

MeanWell is the right choice for you if you want to rely on established quality for more than just the lighting itself. With a MeanWell power supply unit, you can expect a long-lasting product with which you can implement your lighting concept efficiently. In addition to the products listed above, you will of course find many more in our online store, which you can select according to your needs and your project.

Waterproof MeanWell switching power supply for LEDs

The waterproof MeanWell switching power supply with 24 V has a high level of efficiency, ensures a constant voltage and can also be used outdoors thanks to its IP67 protection rating. Use this power supply unit with 2.5 amps and 60 watts optimally for outdoor LED lights or for lighting technical devices with display lighting, such as photocopiers or hi-fi systems. This switched-mode power supply also has a universal input and reliably protects LED lights and other technical devices from overvoltage, overload and short circuits. The 24V switched-mode power supply is therefore suitable for anyone looking for a high-quality power supply for both indoor and outdoor use.

Buy MeanWell DIN rail power supply online at low prices

MeanWell specializes in the manufacture of power supply units such as the DIN rail power supply unit. This is a common standard for a reliable and efficient power supply and is used in numerous areas such as industrial automation, logistics, the automotive industry, wind power, the process industry and mechanical engineering. The MeanWell power supply unit is characterized by a high energy efficiency class, a long service life and a compact design. We offer DIN rail power supply units from the well-known manufacturer in various designs, so you are guaranteed to find the right product for you.

Large selection: Our MeanWell range

to optimally adapt your lighting concepts to your needs. Naturally, our range of MeanWell brand products also meets the highest demands. Whether LED power supply units, DIN rail power supply units, converter modules and much more - we complement our extensive product selection for you with fast delivery and high availability within our range.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a normal power supply unit and a switching power supply unit?

Conventional power supply units, also known as transformer power supply units, require far more magnetic volume for the same power than switching power supply units. This means that they are less efficient than a switched-mode power supply, as the heat development is relatively high. A switching power supply also has a higher tolerance with regard to the input voltage as well as a lower weight.

Where are MeanWell products manufactured?

MeanWell is a manufacturer from Taiwan that has been established on the market since 1982. The brand is known in particular for its fair price-performance ratio and continuous product expansion. The manufacturer's various power supply units and chargers are produced in factories in Taiwan and China.

Which LED lighting concepts can be implemented with a MeanWell power supply unit?

Our MeanWell range offers you the right power supply unit for every project. You can use products from the Taiwanese manufacturer for indoor lighting as well as for outdoor lighting. Waterproof MeanWell power supply units are weatherproof and durable, which is why they can also be used safely and efficiently outdoors in the long term.