Strip 2835 LED neutral white (4000k) CRI 92 36W 5m 24V IP44

8mm PCB 300xLEDs 3300 LM PCB White color reproduction> 92

EUR 49.24
(Unit price EUR 9.85 / meter )
Content 5 meter
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Item number LT2835W406050024IP44C92

All of our LED Strip Lights are cm long open connection cable soldered on both ends 7-10 Manufacturer:. Mextronic
light color: neutral white (4000k)
number of LEDs per meter: 60 lumens
/ LED: ca 11 | length: 500 cm
total luminous flux to 3300 lumens
color reproduction: 92
angle: 120 degrees
Operating temperature: -20 ° C - 50 ° C
working voltage: 24 V DC
shunt / meter max to: 300 mA
entire operating current (max) to: 1.5 A
power (W) per meter by 7.2
total power (W) to: 36
width: 8 mm
High: 2 mm
light yield by 92 lm / W
EEK: A +
protection class IP 44
divisible: 100-104mm
life up to: 50000 hours
dimming: PWM by
color of the board: White |


If the LED strips for several hours a day operated we recommend additional cooling. For example, by mounting on aluminum profiles for heat dissipation. Especially with a capacity of more than 14.4 watts per meter an additional heat sink is necessary. The recommended operating temperature should always be respected and Strips not be installed in confined or enclosed spaces without cooling.

Condition New
Model LT2835W406050024IP44C92
Manufacturer Mextronic
Content 5 meter
Customs tariff number 94054039