LED ConnEX Dali / PUSH RF controller 8-230V

Radio RF Dali / PUSH dimmer 868Mhz

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Item number ZBSR-2411-RF-DIM

SR-2411-RF-DIM is a monochrome DALI group and scene controller, which can be a controlled RF receiver and RF remote controls. The RF-to-DALI radio controller converts the radio signal into DALI. Power is supplied via the DALI bus and there is no additional power supply required. In accordance with IEC 62386-102, IEC 62386-207, the wireless DALI controller can be compatible with DALI products from other international manufacturers.

This controller allows you to select and control the selected DALI groups and DALI sectors in the DALI line. The rotary switches, you can specify the number of controlling groups and scenes. A total of 16 groups and 16 scenes can be selected. It can also control all devices in the DALI line by broadcast. In each DALI line multiple controllers can be installed for multiple control points.

It is easy to couple the DALI radio controller with the learning keys to a compatible RF remote control. It can of zone rotary switch are controlled by each zone of the paired RF remote control by adjusting. Each controller can max. . 8 different remote controls

In addition, the Group & amp; Scene controller equipped with a PUSH interface, which makes it possible to control it with a universal 8-V-230-V-PED switch. It is also taxable if no remote control is available.

When working with a WiFi RF converter of the wireless receiver can also be controlled via an app that is installed on a IOS or Android system is

main features

RF wireless to DALI monochromatic Group & amp. Scene Controller
receives the RF signal and outputs the DALI signal
to the DALI line from
Corresponds to the DALI standard protocol IEC 62386-102, IEC 62386-207 and the DALI products from other international companies DALI bus operated
can be controlled using the remote controls with a plurality of single-color compatible remote controls
Can paired RF remote control can be controlled by adjusting the area of ​​each zone of the rotary switch can
by a universal 8-V- 230-V-PUSH-switches are controlled
Can WiFi be controlled, is carried out with a WiFi RF converter during
Allows control of 1 DALI device group
enables the selection and control of the designated DALI group (0-15)
Activate to all devices in the DALI line to control this option via broadcast
Allows you to select and control specific DALI scenes (0-15)
the number of to be controlled DALI scenes depends on de r be paired RF remote control from
In each DALI line can have multiple controls for multiple control points installed

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Model ZBSR-2411-RF-DIM
Manufacturer Mextronic
Content 1 piece
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