LED panel rectangular

With a slim LED panel which is rectangular and can be dimmed, you are choosing a brilliant light element, the light fields are perfectly suited to specific areas of a room evenly to illuminate and thus a good indoor climate to produce thanks very flexible mounting options you can realize with our panels bold ideas,

LED panel rectangular shaped

An installed on the wall LED panel which is rectangular, is like a window, passes through the light into the room, a UltraSlim panel code can just as well find a ceiling light use, or what do you think of such a light source under the glass top of a table to assemble? You see, when you want to set creative accents, is no problem at all,

Choose http://www.ledtech-shop.de/led-panel-dimmbar for a LED panel that is dimmable if you can adjust the brightness as desired want this creates a pleasant lighting atmosphere in no time - whether in private rooms, in the dining area of ​​your restaurants or your bar, museum exhibition halls or other premises, of course you have with us several color variants to choose from:

  • White
  • Tagweiß
  • Neutral White < / li>
  • warm White,

If you prefer a different shape, you get in our shop a LED panel and is characterized also by high energy efficiency, orders an appropriate LED panel - rectangu g or round - and provide an attractive, energy-efficient lighting, we are happy to advise you if you have questions about our products,