Anyone who deals with light and lighting effects will quickly realize how diverse the possibilities are. That's why we offer you an extensive range of LED products in our online store. Whether indoor or outdoor lights, fairy lights, lamps or stripes: LED is the must-have for the creative and individual implementation of lighting ideas. As professionals, we work exclusively with well-known companies such as and Mextronic. Their are reliable, available in a wide range of colors and have proven themselves. Discover the variety of Mextronic below, which you can buy cheaply in our online store.

Mextronic LED strips: best quality for the realization of your lighting compositions

Mextronic LED strips, which can display all RGB colors, are particularly popular. For example, the Mextronic LED strip 5050 can be used to create any mood in the room, or you can use this panel to actively shape the room atmosphere. For example, you can choose between bright blue, which creates a cool, modern atmosphere, and a cozy red, which makes you feel more at ease and invites you to relax. We recommend the Mextronic dimmer for even more precise control of the mood. This gives you the option of influencing the luminosity of your LEDs and allows you to achieve an even more individual room effect.

Order Mextronic LED strips and get creative

Light has a lot to do with creativity. Because only those who have extraordinary ideas can develop extraordinary lighting concepts. When implementing these, you can rely on absolutely reliable quality at an affordable price with products from our store, such as Mextronic LED strips. The Mextronic is particularly practical to use, as it allows you to operate your LED strips wirelessly using touchpads. Simply turn the wheel and the desired color is executed.

Mextronic LED strips from cool to warm white

If you are looking for high-quality LED strips in cool, neutral or warm white, you have come to the right place in our LEDTech store. Because Mextronic LED strips are not only available in a wide range of colors, but also in the three white tones cold, neutral and warm white. This means you can choose the light color you need in the room depending on the application. Cold and neutral white are suitable for working, whereas warm white is ideal for relaxing. Whatever lighting ideas you want to implement, you are guaranteed to find the right Mextronic in our well-stocked online store.