Nino Lights

Nino lights - unusual, unique and elegant lights and lamps

If you want to design your living space with stylish lamps that attract attention with their modern, exquisite design, then you've come to the right place at is the right place for you. We recommend the high-quality Nino lights in a modern LED design. Whether , or ceiling light, with our stylish enhance the look of your living space. The lights from Nino GmbH are elegant and designed in a very special style and can be used in a variety of ways. In our online store, you can obtain these stylish lamps at an affordable price.

Nino lights for different living styles

Nino Leuchten GmbH generally offers a wide range of lights and lamps in various designs, from delicate and filigree designs to striking, expansive lights. The lights are usually made of ceramic, glass or metal. Whether you are looking for an unusual decorative light, a simple ceiling light or an elegant LED wall light, there is the right light for every taste.

Nino Leuchten GmbH offers the following shapes:

  • floor lamps
  • table lamps
  • pendant lights
  • Under-cabinet furniture lights

Many different designs, shapes and colors are available. In addition, the Nino light sources are often coordinated in series.

Nino lights - unique LED products at a fair price


Nino lamps not only impress with their high quality. Due to their unique, stylish appearance, they immediately catch the eye of every observer and remain positively in their memory.

These advantages await you when you buy a high-quality Nino luminaire:

  • stylish design
  • high quality
  • reasonable price
  • various models and versions
  • innovative LED light source
  • low energy consumption
  • versatile in use

Nino lights for every style and living space

LEDTECH offers you an attractive selection of Nino table and ceiling lights. Whether classic, timeless, elegant, ultra-modern, simple, purist, extravagant, large, small, for the ceiling, wall or table - you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here!

Nino table lamps:

  • Nino SAMMY
  • Nino ONTARIO
  • Nino LILLE
  • Nino LAIK
  • Nino LEONIE
  • Nino Lights LED

Our range also includes the Nino ceiling lights LOLLY LED and NELLI LED, as well as the Nino AROLA pendant light.

LEONIE, LAIK and ONTARIO - appealing NINO table lamps for living rooms and bedrooms

The Nino LEONIE table lamp gives your living space a special atmosphere. The luminaire has a touch switch and a metal cube in an elegant oak look. The model is available from LEDTECH in dark and light oak. Your living spaces will look particularly aesthetically pleasing if you equip them with several of these stylish table lamps. In line with the current trend, you can also place your table lamps on the windowsill and arrange them charmingly with decorative elements.

The Nino LAIK table lamp produces direct light and is ideal as a decorative light source in the bedroom and living area. It has a glass frame in smoky grey and is designed for E14 bulbs. The glass is easy to clean and the model goes particularly well with other glass models from Nino.

The Nino ONTARIO table lamp is a particularly unusual decorative element made of acrylic glass. The light begins to sparkle and shine through the round chrome-colored acrylic elements, making the lamp an absolute eye-catcher. The LED luminaire also consumes less electricity and protects the environment.

Buy Nino lights from LEDTECH

If you are looking for unusual, elegant and modern light sources for your home, then the high-quality Nino lights are an excellent choice. LEDTECH offers you an exclusive selection of unique lights at a reasonable price. You can combine our Nino lamps with other lights and give your living space a personal, tasteful style. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

Frequently asked questions

How much do Nino lights cost at LED TECH?

Our range mainly includes Nino table lights, but also ceiling and pendant lights. The price is between 28.00 and 134.00 euros, depending on the model and design of the lights. Of course, the different prices also depend on the type and material of the lights and the effort involved in manufacturing them.

Where can the Nino lights be used?

In general, the lights are suitable for all interior living spaces. However, the lamps are particularly suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. As many of the Nino lights are unusual and elegant decorative lamps, they should be placed in places where they are particularly effective. Bedside tables, sideboards and window sills are ideally suited, where lights also serve as eye-catchers.

What is the performance of Nino lights?

Most of the Nino lights we offer have a maximum output of 40 watts. The modern lights not only look particularly attractive, they are also very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and have been awarded the A++ energy label (or class B according to the new classification). This is the second best energy efficiency class.