Mounting frame to pivot around brushed aluminum 5225 Ø 70mm

Ceiling recessed ring for recessed spotlights hole 70mm B 83mm H 23mm

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Item number EBRRDAL5225ST
Scope of supply: Deck A building frame without socket and bulb
Manufacturer: Mextronic
EAN: 4260204869612
Material: Aluminum CNC milled
MPN: 5225
color / appearance: Aluminum Silver looped
Swivel: yes < br> Type: round lamp fastening
: click closure
lamps diameter: 50 mm stainless
: yes
outer diameter: 83 mm Hole size
/ burr hole: 70 mm
Matching light source: up to 100W halogen lamps / LED lamps in standard halogen measure
in this model, one can the inner metal ring from the front of the frame removing (snap lock), then the lighting means can be used front and is retained by re-clicking the metal ring.
Condition New
Manufacturer Mextronic
Content 1 piece
Customs tariff number 94059900