floor lamps

Interior lights, there are countless: from overhead lights on wall sconces and pendant lamps through to LED light strip system, we keep in our extensive online shop a great selection for you. Especially popular currently enjoys the heading "floor lamps"; because an LED floor lamp is more than just a mere bulbs. Through their presence in the room is a real design object and a statement that is reflected in the establishment of your rooms.

The LED Floor Lamp: For which room you are more than a lamp

Also looking for a LED floor lamp, we offer the right model for children's room, bedroom or living room online also indicates as for the office or dining room. Here is an overview of our lamp shop design variations:

  • floor lamp as a tripod
  • floor lamp with fabric shade
  • floor lamp as a ball
  • < li> floor lamp crystal
  • floor lamp as a reading light
  • floor lamp with shade
  • rattan floor lamp

This is in things choice not yet done. So you can the above versions or from different materials purchased as stainless steel, metal, glass, chrome, copper, wood or brass: The material bandwidth is great and you can be as sure to find an LED floor lamp that fits perfectly into your decorating style or from it stands out intentionally to set an absolute highlight

LED floor lamp. the tripod is all the rage

As a long-time expert in the field of lamps and bulbs, we can assure you, that the LED floor lamp as a tripod is currently the absolute trend. It makes visually simple look like much and is available in the aforementioned materials and in diverse styles. Especially popular is still quot before ordering Style &; Industrial & quot ;. This living trend set stylish with the model of the well-known manufacturer BOWY Nino to your room and so perfectly. In addition to the material and the screen on the style decides the floor lamp as a 3-legged version. Accordingly, diverse here the choice, which extends from the plush spring model on the elegant glass variant back to classic fabric shade.

floor lamp with fabric shade in different colors

The floor lamp with fabric shade enjoys very popular and is very modern designed. Here, the color of the screen can be adjusted optimally to the course room decoration. So you have the following colors optional available: silver, white, black, brown, green, gray, gold, red, blue, orange and pink. This color variety in terms of floor lamps investigated this unparalleled.
Buy you too modern floor lamps in the design of your choice at the lightning experts LEDTECH and save even money. Because we offer our lighting products cheap and sometimes far at below market price. Order your favorite model and evaluate your home so continue on.