LED downlight 5000K Tagweiß 9W 5225 Ø 70mm

Recessed spotlight burr hole 70mm B 83mm 65mm H

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Item number DLMD9W50D38S5225

lamps interchangeable
Ideal and compact for industrial use such as:.. Stronger shopfitting, gastronomy, hotel and 50-100W halogen system to set up
Extra cooling part to guarantee long life
drivers are isolated separately few heat development is generated.
dimming are available as an option by phase sections, 1-10V, Dali, CONNEX system, Zigbee to possible.
quality mounting frame stainless and also suitable as an extra cooling part to hot development,

there are special mounting frame which offer deep slot and anti-glare LED
with length Lebensdaur to 50,000 hours for Commercial daily over 10 hours burning time geeignt

delivery:.. Lamp + Einbraurahmen + transformer (not dimmable )
Manufacturer: Mextronic
EAN: 4260204868325
outer diameter: 83 mm hole size
/ Cut hole: 70 mm
installation depth: 65 mm Picture Bulb:
power: 9W
socket: constant current
construction form: installation modules
voltage / current: 200mA
light color: 5000K
color reproduction: 82
energy efficiency class: A ++
Effzinz (lumens per watt): 90
beam angle (degree): 38
luminous flux (lumens): 740
dimming: by transformer (Optional)
measure (DxL mm): 50x61
Operating Temperature: -20 degrees to 40 degrees
life: up to 50,000 hours < br>

Condition New
Model DLMD9W50D38S5225
Manufacturer Mextronic
Content 1 piece
Customs tariff number 85395000